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boy, 11, discovered body of child, 5, while searching for goggles at water park

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-03
An 11-year-
It is reported that an old boy found him while \"looking for his glasses\" and then died from the water park swimming pool.
Two people were arrested for five deaths-year-
Police said they were old on Saturday.
Witnesses described on social media how his body was found at Bosworth Water Park in Warwickshire, and he has reportedly been visiting with his family.
Heather Thomas posted on Facebook: \"My 11-year-
The old nephew touched his hair while looking for his missing goggles and pulled the little boy out of the water.
Faeeza Mwnuk said she witnessed a \"little boy being lifted out of the shallow water by a big boy who\" felt something under my feet \".
The boy named Charlie was reportedly taken to University Hospitals in Coventry and Warwickshire, where he later died.
Outdoor attractions near Nuneaton include a 50-acre park and a 20-acre lake and lagoon for boating, fishing and sailing.
A statement posted on the park\'s Facebook page said: \"All the staff at Bosworth Water Park, we want to express our deepest sympathy to everyone affected by this tragic loss of life.
Sharon Robinson commented in an article at the water park: \"I would like to thank all those involved in helping with the first aid service and very much for the help and support of the Walgrave Hospital.
\"I\'m my family and my grandson, please don\'t guess, because no one really knows what\'s going on, but, for all of us, it\'s a very sad moment, it is also a very sad loss of such a young life.
Witness Raegan Birley said on the social media website: \"We are very close and we are very shocked to see this happen.
For everyone who has helped you, you work so hard that it must be devastating to see the news.
I am very sorry for the family of this little boy.
Things can change in a few seconds, and it must be terrible for any family.
Penny Broughton added: \"I am doing CPR today, and it is indeed (the)
The most heartbreaking thing I \'ve ever done
Melanie Allen posted: \"I saw this terrible tragedy yesterday and I will never forget the photos.
A Leicester police spokesman said: \"We will ask people not to speculate about the incident and the death and let the authorities investigate.
Officials asked anyone who witnessed the incident or those who had footage in the park around the Blue Lagoon Beach to call 101, citing the 440 incident on July 23.
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