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boy (5) drowned at water park after being left to \'go off by himself\', court told

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-03
A five-year-
The court heard that more than two hours after his mother and stepfather had him \"leave alone\" to play in the swimming pool in the water park, the old boy was found drowning.
After his stepfather, Paul Smith, was allegedly seen smoking, a group of other children pulled Charlie Dunn out of the lagoon and heard him say, \"for the sake of f **
I don\'t know where he is.
\"A jury at the Birmingham Royal Court was told that Charlie from Tamworth, Stafford County was found in a No. 1 car. 4-
On last July, the deep lagoon of the water park in Bosworth, Leicester County.
Smith, 36, and Linsey Dunn, the mother of Charlie, 28, both denied allowing him to enter the swimming zone without supervision, resulting in the death of young people.
Prosecutor Mary purer QC claimed at the beginning of the criminal case that Charlie, who could not swim, was under the supervision of strangers in the water --
Including someone who was mistaken for his father.
After being left alone
QC told the jury: \"Charlie Dunn drowned for the children in the park known as the Blue Lagoon. \"No-
No one knows how it happened.
People know why this is, and neither Miss Dunn nor Mr Smith knew where he was at the time of his death.
\"Charlie was allowed to leave alone.
Prosecutors say Charlie died because he was not supervised by any adult.
\"At the age of five, he was left alone in a busy park, in which case he could have suffered very serious injuries, resulting in death.
\"In this case, it will be up to you to decide whether it is correct or not.
Mrs. Prior added: \"It is claimed that the defendant showed\" deep-seated indifference \"at the time of the tragedy:\" This is not a situation where the parents look back for a minute at the time of the tragedy.
\"We will not sue our parents for the inevitable tragedy, nor will we expect them to be perfect in parenting.
\"It\'s not a few seconds, it\'s not a few minutes, it\'s a serious failure to monitor for a long time in situations where the child is in danger.
The juror heard the couple warned of what might happen in the summer of 2015, when a neighbor stopped the then four-year-old unsupervised toddler from driving a toy car to the main road.
The court heard that another neighbor found Dunn in a car.
Can\'t see her son.
When the boy was \"in danger\" off the road in October 2015.
Two months before Charlie\'s death, Dunn and Smith were allegedly reprimanded by a woman while visiting the water park.
The witness before the court told the defendant that \"She was not pleased that the defendant had not supervised Charlie\'s proximity to the water \".
Both defendants are said to have replied that Charlie \"will be fine \".
Officials say the couple violated their duty of care for Charlie because of serious negligence that caused or caused him to die.
At the end of her opening speech, Mrs. Prior claimed that her parents could not help what happened to Charlie during the two
During the hour, when he returned to their car to eat or drink something, \"except for a strange minute \".
The couple, from Gary Caledonian, denied being careless.
Dunn told police that she thought he would inform Charlie if he went into the water because he was \"afraid\" of going into the water.
Her partner told the police that he looked at Charlie from a distance, \"he can jump over and catch him if there is a problem \".
Smith also denied attempts to intimidate witnesses.
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