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Boy injured in fall on opening day for Dublin water park

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-16
On Saturday, May 26, 2017, a man glides Emerald at The Wave Water Park in Dublin, California.On Saturday, May 26, 2017, a man glides Emerald at The Wave Water Park in Dublin, California.A 10-year-On Saturday, a three-year-old boy was injured after the plane took off.Officials say the story slides on the opening day of the Dublin City water park.The incident happened around noon at 4201 Central Park Avenue.When the boy suddenly fell down from the bottom of the slide and landed in the concrete Flushing area of the slide, he was coming down from the Emerald Plunge slide.Linda Smith, assistant city manager in Dublin, said the slides and another slide similar to the drop were closed immediately.\"I happened to be standing there.\"I\'m a parent, it\'s not something you want to see,\" Smith said .\".\"Obviously, he jumped up at once and seemed a little surprised.Smith said: \"The boy whose name has not been published has been scratched and other minor injuries and looks very painful.The boy was taken to the emergency tent, Smith added, and his parents chose to take him to the hospital for an examination, just in case.The police and the fire department did not receive an alarm.Emerald Plunge is a long and open slide at 80-The angle of the splash Lane.The Scream in Dublin, also a steep slide, was closed after the incident, Smith said.\"We have been testing these slides until they are put into use,\" Smith said .\".\"We are still working on the reasons that could lead to this.On Saturday, the $43 million park was open to more than 700 people, with six waterslides, a pool for children\'s games, an indoor pool and a swimming pool for sports facilities.The park\'s first-year operating cost is expected to be $2.5 million, says Smith.The height requirement for the two slides closed on Saturday is 40 inch.Smith added that they would not reopen the door until the reason for the boy\'s fall was known.\"Safety is our top priority,\" Smith said .\"\"We will make sure we know the reason before the facility is open and hopefully we will get an answer by the end of this weekend.
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