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boy\\\'s drowning raises concerns about inflatable pools | …

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-29
The four-year-
The old boy found floating in the backyard pool near Joliette was dead on Monday morning, and his death caused some safety experts to worry about what kind of pool he drowned in.
Starting May 15, 2006: The boys found in the pool are tied to the new pool that the family just bought on Sunday.
The popular inflatable pool is less than one metre deep and three metres wide.
It is considered a traditional cheap alternative to the aboveground pools.
But Edith lemé of the Quebec Red Cross says the pool is causing problems.
\"People don\'t think they are dangerous because you can buy it very cheaply and it\'s easy to install and they don\'t think you need to isolate it.
\"Any pool that cannot be easily emptied should be surrounded by self-contained fences, lemé saidlocking gate.
Quebec people like the pool in the backyard.
Their per capita income is more than that of any other province.
About 10 children drown in these swimming pools every year, more than any other province.
Reinard Hawkins, executive director of the Life Saving Society Quebec branch, said two children died in an inflatable pool last summer.
With the popularity of these new swimming pools, he predicted that more children would drown.
\"We were lucky to have only two or three drowning situations in this pool.
\"Hawkins said that most municipalities have regulations that require the traditionalground or in-ground pools.
The rules should also apply to the new inflatable pool, he said.
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