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Boy was decapitated on water slide at Kansas park, source says

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-18
Kansas City, Naoto Kan.—A 10-year-The old boy was beheaded when he rode 168 kilometers.foot-A person familiar with the matter said Wednesday that a high water slide in a water park in Kansas.The person declined to be named because the person had no right to talk about the death of Caleb Schwab on Sunday while riding a raft at Schlitterbahn Water Park in Kansas, Kansas.Two women, who were not members of the family, were on a raft with boys at the time and were treated for facial injuries.Parents of boysRepublican state representativeScott Schwab and his wife MichelleI have been asking for privacy since my death and have not spoken publicly.His funeral is scheduled for Friday.Verruckt water slide in Kansas City, Kansas City.The place where Caleb Schwab died on Sunday recently passed a security check.Verruckt water slide in Kansas City, Kansas City.The place where Caleb Schwab died on Sunday recently passed a security check.A spokeswoman for the water park on Wednesday declined to discuss the boy\'s death.The Guinness world record has been certified as \"Verruckt-Or \"crazy\" Germans.The highest in the world.The park reopened on Wednesday, with the exception of the vast area including water slides, although its towering contours were welcomed as tourists drove through the entrance.The Verruckt driver sits on a multiplayer raft that starts with a steep drop and then at 50-Down to the finishing pool.Each Verruckt rider must be at least 54 inch high and the total weight of the rider on each raft is limited to 400 to 550 pounds.Two nylon seats to hold the riderbelt-like straps —One runs through the rider\'s knee and the other stretches diagonally like the car\'s shoulder belt.Each strap is fixed in the appropriate position by the long VelcroThe style of the strap, not buckle.Riders will also catch the ropes in the raft.According to a document issued by a Kansas agency, the water park passed a private inspection including Verruckt on June.The Kansas Labor Department on Wednesday provided a copy of a letter from an insurance company inspector dated June 7 stating that the inspection of Schlitterbahn WaterPark had been completed.The letter states that all rides are in compliance with the insurance guidelines, \"there is no indication of the conditions for disqualifying.Kansas law requires parks to inspect rides every year, and the state will review records at random.The last record audit by Schlitterbahn was in June 2012.
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