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boy was decapitated on waterslide at kansas park, source says

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-02
A 10-year-
The old boy was beheaded when he rode 168 kilometers. foot-
A person familiar with the matter said Wednesday that a high water slide in a water park in Kansas.
Since the man was not authorized to talk about the boy\'s death, he spoke anonymously and told the Associated Press that Caleb Schwab was beheaded on Sunday in the Verrucktraft ride at Schlitterbahn Water Park, Kansas.
The son of a Kansas MP, Caleb, and two women on the raft, two women had nothing to do with him when he was killed.
The women were treated for facial injuries.
A spokeswoman for the water park declined to discuss the death of Caleb on Wednesday.
The Guinness World Record has proved that this is the highest water slide in the world.
At least two people have been riding verkt recently-
\"Crazy\" German
It is said that nylon shoulder straps were loose during the ride.
It is not clear whether the band played any role in Caleb\'s death.
Police and Schlitterbahn did not provide any other details.
The park said on Tuesday that the \"limited part\" of the park will reopen on Wednesday, but \"Verruckt\" will be closed for the rest of the season.
Verrucktriders sit on multiple
A raft of people starting with a steep drop, followed by 50-
Down to the finishing pool.
Ridersmust is at least 54 inch high and the total weight of passengers on each raft is limited to 400 to 550 pounds.
The rider covers with two nylon safety beltslike straps —
One runs through the rider\'s knee and the other stretches diagonally like a car seat belt.
Each strap is fixed in the appropriate position by the long Velcro
The style of the strap, not buckle.
Riders will also catch the ropes in the raft.
Ken Martin at Richmond, Virginia-
The amusement park-based safety advisor questioned whether the straps were appropriate, indicating a stronger restraint system suitable for the body
Similar to that used in roller coasters
Maybe better.
In the early tests, the raft with sandbags flew off the slide, prompting the engineer to remove half of the trip and reconfigure some angles.
Promotional videos about making slides include footage of two men riding a raft in half a month.
Size test model, it flies slightly in the air when it climbs up the top of the first mountain. \"I think . . .
\"They think that since things are flying out, there\'s something we \'d better do to prevent people from flying out,\" Martin said . \" He did not see or test the journey.
\"I think there are serious problems with our system of constraints. Period.
Jon Ruster, a professor of textile engineering at North Carolina State University, said the materials used on the straps, often referred to as hook rings, were not intended to allow a person to sit in a seat.
It can also degrade with use.
\"It has to be used in a safe way, not including preventing someone from falling or preventing someone from being popped up,\" Rust said . \".
Paul Oberhauser told TV station KCTV that his shoulder restraint was \"loose\" on his verkt raft in July 26.
The man from the state of NEAS said he was \"just holding on,\" and a video taken by his wife showed the straps loose at the end of the ride.
Oberhouser said he reported the matter to the park staff.
Kenneth Conrad says WDAF-
Television said that last year when he and a friend were traveling on a water slide, the friend\'s shoulder strap \"fell off completely \".
Conrad\'s wife took a photo at the end of the journey showing the strap missing.
Conrad did not complain to the park.
Although police spokesman Cameron Morgan said Tuesday that the designation does not mean they suspect foul behavior, police are investigating the criminal case.
Kansas City\'s Schlitterbahn has been charged for negligence at least three times. all in 2014 —
Although none of these legal proceedings involved water slides.
Two lawsuits involved 3,000.
The foot King is riding on the inside tube-
The third involved a man who said he grabbed his toe while surfing and fell to his face.
All cases were settled out of court in an undisclosed amount.
Caleb\'s parents
Republican state representative
Scott Schwab and his wife Michelle
I have been asking for privacy since Caleb\'s death and have not spoken publicly, and Caleb\'s funeral is Friday. See the most-
While the operator did not explain the reason, the 2014 opening of reading the story> Verruckt this hour was repeatedly delayed.
Two media preview days were canceled on 2014 as shipping 100-
Top the raft to it.
Kansas regulations on rides do not mention water slides in particular.
State law allows the Kansas Department of Labor to pass rules and regulations related to the certification and inspection of rides, and in addition, \"qualified inspectors\" must review permanent rides at least once a year.
\"The regulations only require the owners of permanent rides to keep a record of one year and randomly select rides on a quarterly basis for a record audit.
Documents released by the State Council on Tuesday showed that in June 2012, a record audit found that the park did not keep Test records for current and previous years.
The report said, \"visual inspection is conducted every year and every day, not such a test.
\"There is no record of a state response and the audit is marked as\" passed \".
\"There were no further signs of documenting the audit, and the department officials did not immediately answer the question why it was.
The state asked Schlitterbahn to provide the document \"to ensure compliance with all security requirements.
\"No further details were provided immediately by department officials.
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