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buying an inflatable slide

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-26
When buying a huge, colorful marshmallow, it\'s easy to get into fun and learning
Inflatable slides for your party rental business.
However, it is important to go beyond the day
Before completing the purchase, glow the color and enter the structure of the slide.
Buying a poorly constructed slide can be a devastating, costly business mistake.
Today, manufacturers of inflatable slides and other inflatable rides must comply with industry standards.
However, these standards are the basic requirements that companies must meet when they sell their products legally.
In many different safety categories, identifying a manufacturer that consistently strives to exceed the standard is an indicator of their commitment to producing high quality products.
Below you will find a list of guides that can be printed out and used when comparing inflatable slides for commercial investments.
The material of the material slide should be refractory, and the weight is 18 ounces after completion.
While the weight of 18 ounces is fairly standard as it is ideal for functionality, the quality and handling of the material is the most important when making quality comparisons.
Seam stitching because the seam is the weakest place in any fabric, the quality of the seam is usually a key factor in the life of the slide.
Industry standards require at least double stitching for seams.
By doing some research on the Internet, you can find manufacturers who adhere to their own triple or quadruple stitching should be the quality standard of the seam.
Tongue tearing is based on the value of the force applied before the fabric tearing.
The industry standard for tongue tearing on inflatable slides and equipment is 300/350.
Some manufacturers set the standard for tongue tearing up to 624/623, which greatly reduces the possibility of material tearing.
Children\'s safety and inflatable slides should have some kind of reinforced base such as foam coated PVC steps when climbing the inflatable slide to ensure the safety of children.
In addition, rope armrests or other materials specifically added to help children climb the Slide stairs are essential for safety.
Warranty when investing in inflatable slides, it is important to review every part of the warranty.
Before making a decision, contact the manufacturer and request a copy of their warranty for review and comparison.
Industry standards only require a one-year warranty from the company.
By looking closely, you can find that the manufacturer of the warranty is twice the standard in length and coverage.
Maintenance while a company has to provide maintenance kits for their products, some companies go beyond that by including preventive maintenance products.
Articles such as waterproof cloth and fixed wooden piles can prevent the inflatable slide from being damaged due to weather or turning over due to wind force or use, thus reducing the need for maintenance and maintenance.
Customer service and care if you buy inflatable slides as a business investment, you need to get help from all the experts in promoting and protecting your investment.
Look for a company that cares about your success, except for something extra like a business card holder or pre-sewn on the unit-
A lease contract was entered into that included an important wording on the liability.
Before choosing a company, make sure they have a phone number that is easy to see on their website.
Try calling the customer service hotline and feel their customer service department.
Buying something that brings fun and stupidity should be a positive experience.
Keeping these quality guides in mind, you will ensure that the inflatable slides and other inflatable devices have a long and profitable life span.
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