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calls to ban inflatable slides after funfair horror in surrey leaves eight children injured

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-21
Parents said the inflatable slide should be banned after eight children were injured in the latest playground terror incident.
On Saturday night, a 30-foot playground slide collapsed during a fireworks display in Surrey, and terrible scenes unfolded over the weekend.
Since then, the horror of a large number of parents calling on social media to ban inflatable slides has happened. Robert Halfon -
Tory MP for Harlow and former Minister of State for Education
It is also one of many supporters of the temporary ban in Britain.
Halfon told BBC 5 Live: \"I reiterate my urge to the government that they should temporarily ban inflatable and inflatable castles in public places until all the regulations we know are updated.
\"Since 2011, 20 of us have been injured and two have died.
The time to see it is over.
\"Until we are sure that these things are safe and there is no further concern from parents, the government may temporarily ban them.
\"This happened after a series of tragedies involving inflatable rides, including three. year-old Ava-
The little boy was thrown out of the inflatable trampoline in July and she was killed.
In 2016, seven-year-old Grant died in the summer. when the wind blew a resilient Castle, she was 300 yards across from a park in Essex Harlow.
Many concerned members of the public expressed support on social media for the ban.
Some people say: \"I agree with Robert Haverton of Harlow MP that inflatable attractions should be temporarily banned until the new security law is introduced, which are getting bigger and bigger, we really don\'t want to see children hurt anymore.
\"Can we ban these public activities now? \" others said ? \". . .
Too many children were killed and injured.
\"Another bloody inflatable slide collapsed at woking and seven severely injured children banned them from unsafe things,\" the third added . \".
Before that, a mother said that when she saw the fireworks show on the weekend, a group of \"children\" were crying and she found her daughter injured in a hurry.
Nadine, daughter of Esther ekuavani, had a pelvic fracture in the chaos.
She told the News: \"I don\'t want to be the killer of happiness, saying that we should eliminate everything and make health and safety crazy, but I don\'t want another child to go through this.
\"It\'s a traumatic event for adults, not to mention children.
\"Seeing a group of children lying on the ground screaming and unable to move is something that no child should ever see.
\"The latest incident in Woking is now being investigated by the health and safety supervisor.
After all the children under the age of 16 were injured, the organizers spoke about their destruction.
Fireworks organizer Michael Holden said: \"We don\'t know exactly what\'s going on yet, but it seems that 8 children have dropped off near the top of the slide and landed on the floor next to the slide.
\"This seems to have something to do with the way riding is done.
\"I can\'t comment anymore because we don\'t know at all now.
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