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calypso water park fined $400,000 for safety violations

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-13
Kapuso water park must pay a fine of half a million dollars after receiving the province\'s toughest ever security violation.
Ontario magistrate Julie Lawson fine for Limoges
On Monday, the regional water park cost $400,000 for safety violations in the summer of 2011, and $2012 caused serious injuries to some water slide passengers.
In the form of 25-1, an increase of $100,000 was made in that amountper-
Victim surcharge
Under the technical standards and safety act, Calypso was convicted of six violations on April.
Violations include the operation of the sled water slide when the sled water slide poses a danger to the rider, and
Trained staff on slides.
The water park was also cited as it did not report serious injuries on the ship\'s slide to the authorities and did not close the car\'s spine fracture immediately after a series of accidents caused a rider to wear a collar for a few months.
Lawson retained two of the six charges Calypso was found guilty of, which are very similar to other offences and do not require a separate fine.
According to technical standards and security authorities, fines and surcharges match the highest penalties imposed under the Act.
Wilson Lee, a TSSA spokesman, said the behavior of Kalipso was \"frankly unacceptable\" and that the authorities expect a hefty fine to serve as a deterrent to other amusement park operators.
\"Ultimately, we\'re talking about the safety of the public here.
We\'re talking about kids.
We are talking about parents . \"
Given the size of the fines, any amusement park operator \"will think twice\" to comply with Ontario\'s safety laws, Li said.
Laosong said in her decision that the accident that occurred on the sledge on July 2012 left Marek strake unconscious and was hospitalized in the hospital for three days, \"absolutely preventable.
\"After the raft he was riding with his children collided with another raft stuck on the raft, Strelec was thrown on one side of the open-air slide until belowSophie St.
Jacques broke his spine in a water skiing accident a year ago. The 50-year-
The old man had never ridden a waterslide before going to Kalipso.
\"The maximum fine is likely to be $4,000,000.
\"I think that ten per cent of the maximum fine is reasonable for the first offender,\" Lawson wrote in her judgment . \".
The fine will make kalipsos \"aware of the importance of understanding, understanding and complying with all the provisions of the Act\", writes Lawson \".
\"This is the most important purpose of sentencing the accused: full respect for the public welfare legislation developed to ensure the protection of the relatively vulnerable public in its facilities, she wrote.
Lawrence Greenspon, counsel for Kalipso, stressed that the fine was less than half of the $850,000 required by the prosecutor.
He added that the violations were the result of \"The pain of early growth\" in the history of the park and have since been resolved.
\"Kalipso is the first one.
Time criminals, \"said greenspenn.
\"These things happen in 2012 2011 didn\'t happen again in fact Calypso has to was recently awarded the People\'s Choice (award)
Rated number one by TripAdvisor
Water Park in Canada.
Kalipso said it will continue to take steps to improve the safety of the park.
\"At the beginning of each summer, training for all employees has increased and improved,\" Greenspon said . \".
\"This has come a long way since 2011, and that is why these events have not happened since then.
The park in Limoges initially faced 20 charges, but prosecutors withdrew 9 charges during the trial.
Lawson acquitted CALIPSO.
The water park still faces several pending civil lawsuits arising from events on the slide.
This is the second time that a huge fine has been imposed on the park this summer.
On June 4, on the opening day of the 2015 season, calypso acknowledged two allegations under the Environmental Protection Act on 2012, two of which were chlorine leaking into the wave pool and being fined $100,000.
The leak caused 13 people, including children, to be taken to hospital.
Seven others were injured but did not require hospital treatment.
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