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calypso water park found guilty of six safety violations

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-13
A water slide in the Kalipso theme water park poses a danger to the rider, and another water slide is \"blatantly lacking\" by the waiter about how to run it properly, Monday, A peace judge in Ottawa ruled.
Peace and Justice Julie Lawson has discovered Limoges-
According to Ontario\'s technical standards and safety laws, the regional water park is charged with 6 of the 11 allegations.
Convictions include convictions for operating the sled slide in an unsafe manner and for failing to ensure that staff members were properly trained in June 19, 2012.
Calypso was also guilty of failing to report the incident or close the boat slide, as a series of pipe flipping occurred in the summer of 2011, injuring several passengers.
The park initially faced 20 charges, and the Buta prosecutor withdrew 9 charges at trial.
The park was acquitted again.
In a statement on Monday, Calypso said it was \"disappointed\" with Lauzon\'s ruling \".
The first priority of the water park is safety, says Kalipso.
The verdict was made after a long trial during which several passengers testified that a crash occurred on the park\'s slide, injuring them.
They include Lawson saying that if the operator of the slide is properly trained, the collision on the sled is \"absolutely preventable \".
Laosong said that the employee prematurely brought a pipe up and down the slide and collided with another pipe, causing the rider Marek Strelec to throw it from the slide onto the concrete below,
Laosong also found that the park failed to close the boat slide and reported a serious accident on July 28, 2011, which led to a rider, Sophie St.
Jacques\'s spine is in two places and has her put on her halo vest for four months. St.
Jacques was injured after her tube was turned out of the steamer\'s circular toilet. like bowl.
Another rider testified that, about a month later, a fracture of the clavicle was broken in a similar flip.
Lawson noted that this is part of the trend of steamboat accidents, which she found to pose a \"direct danger\" to steamboat passengers \". Ina one-
During the month of 2011, 10 ships were injured, seven of them flipped, and two injured their spine, Mr. Lawson said.
However, it was not until September that the technical standards Security Service received a notice regarding these incidents.
TSSA closed the trip but by then the water park had closed for a season.
Calypso has been convicted of three charges of acquittal, three involving a lack of supervision at a children\'s water park known as the pirate water park.
Lauzon found that there were too many ambiguities and differences in the supervisory requirements, which made it difficult for the court or Calypso to determine how many waiters were needed.
Calypso was also acquitted because after two riders were thrown out of the raft after hitting the end of the slide, they failed to properly configure the end of the sled ride.
Lauzon found that there is a problem with whether the configuration should be blamed because it has never been determined the cause of the crash.
Kalipso\'s lawyer, Lawrence greenspeng, said outside the court that the public had no fear of taking the park slide.
He said significant changes have taken place in the park since the summer of 2012, including training for \"significant improvements\", as well as the use of light and sensor scheduling systems on sledding slides.
He said that the water park solved the structure of the ship a long time ago, and also revised the agreement to report the incident on the slide.
\"What I want to say to the public is to come to Kalipso.
\"It\'s a safe and fun adventure,\" says Greenspon . \".
The sentencing hearing is scheduled for June 12, just over a week from the opening of the park\'s 2015 season.
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