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calypso water park more interested in profit than safety, prosecutor says

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-13
A prosecutor argued on Friday that the Kalipso water park was more interested in its bottom line than public safety when operating an unsafe waterslide and should be fined $850,000 for safety violations.
Prosecutor Tom Ayers argued that \"greed and profit\" led the water park east of Ottawa to put the popular ship back into use immediately after a woman broke her spine during her trip in July 1, 2011.
Ayres said Calypso continued to operate for a month before a public complaint and an investigation was launched.
The prosecutor said that another accident that occurred on the sled on 2012 resulted in a man losing consciousness and staying in the hospital for three days, \"it is easy to prevent completely \".
\"The circumstances of this case require a substantial fine,\" Ayers said . \".
If we do not seek substantive penalties, the prosecutor will be \"remiss in our responsibility for public safety.
But Lawrence greenspenn, counsel for Kalipso, said there was no evidence that Calypso placed the money before the customer\'s safety and argued that, in accordance with the province\'s technical standards and safety, an appropriate fine of $125,000 to $150,000 was imposed on six violations.
Greenspon says the water park has lost thousands of dollars in business due to bad publicity about fees.
\"In the entertainment business, it is an economic penalty for unfavorable publicity.
Repeated negative propaganda is Long-term.
The term \"economic sanctions,\" he said, called the official position \"harsh and extreme \".
\"There is no need for general deterrence other than the losses that Calypso has already suffered,\" he said . \".
Calypso was convicted of six security violations on April.
Violations include having a waterslide and another poorly trained employee that poses a danger to passengers.
The water park was also cited for failing to report serious injuries to the authorities or for closing a ride immediately after a series of accidents caused the rider to be injured.
The park in Limoges faces 20 charges, but nine of them were withdrawn in the prosecution\'s trial and in the peace court\'s trial, which declared Kalipso innocent and another 5
Greenspeng told Julie Lawson, the magazine of Justice for Peace, that for the two years since the allegations were filed, not just since the conviction, the economic losses of kalipsos have been felt.
In addition to bad propaganda, it was also prosecuted by the injured passengers in civil.
Greenspon added that the park has made the necessary changes to the rides without further damage.
\"They have already started paying fines,\" Greenspon said outside the court . \".
Prosecutor Ayres used Calypso\'s promotional material, citing Calypso\'s claim that it is Canada\'s largest theme Water Park, serving 400,000 guests every year, as evidence, it
\"We\'re not talking about the operation of \'Mom and Daddy, \'\" Ayers said . \".
Ayres also accused Kalipso of being \"indifferent and careless\" to the injured rider \".
Greenspon later added that the official caused \"direct economic harm\" to Calypso with its \"destructive exaggeration\", which should be taken into account in the amount of the fine.
\"I don\'t think Calypso needs to be taught.
\"They have learned the lesson, they have made the changes, they have improved the reporting system,\" greenspeng said outside the court . \".
\"I\'m not saying they should be out of here.
For free, what I would say is that they have already paid a huge fine.
\"When Lawson makes a decision, the park will learn how much it will need to pay in July 27.
Friday\'s sentencing hearing was a tough week for the water park.
On June 4, the same day as the opening of the 2015 season, after admitting two charges under the Environmental Protection Act, the company was fined $100,000, the charge is that two Chlorine leaks into the wave pool on 2012.
The leak caused about 20 people, including several children, to get sick.
13 people were taken to hospital with symptoms including shortness of breath, nose and mouth, burning and pain in the eyes, throat and lungs, nausea and headaches.
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