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calypso water park trial hears from first injured patron

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-31
A Quebec woman said that she had fractured her spine during a ride at the Kalipso water park, the first customer to testify at a water park safety violation trial. Sophie St.
50-year-old Jacques never rode on a water slide before going with her husband, son, stepson, and son\'s friends to Kalipso in July 2011.
They chose a car that looked mild. the Steamer —and St.
Jacques rides two cars with a stranger.
Inflatable raft.
\"It was very slow and smooth.
I am not afraid at all . \"
Jacques testified Tuesday.
Then the raft fell into a toilet.
The bowl \"is like the middle part of the ride, and the raft goes around a few laps before falling back into another closed tube for the final descent.
\"I think the water rushed in very quickly and there was a lot of noise --a crazy noise —
Then I woke up and I was in the pool, \"she said.
The raft turned over, St.
Jacques and her partner were dumped. St.
Jacques slipped to his knee.
Deep pools of limbs, a sharp pain in the neck.
\"It feels like I have a big flame on my neck and back,\" she testified under an inquiry from technical standards and security authority attorney Kelly Hart.
\"It\'s like a blowtorch. ”St.
Jacques testified that she remembered standing in the pool, grabbing the railing in one hand and the injured neck in the other.
She remembered swearing to a waiter who told her she had to leave the pool.
\"I don\'t remember what I said, but it\'s not so good,\" St. Jacques said.
\"I said,\" I can\'t get out \'. It hurts. I can’t move.
I can\'t take my hand off my neck.
It\'s like sticking there.
\"Under the technical standards and safety laws governing the operation of amusement parks and water parks in Ontario, Calypsois has been tried on 20 charges.
Allegations involving ships and several other rides, some alleged violations of training regulations, were documented
Violations were maintained in the summer of 2011 and 2012.
The park pleaded not guilty to all charges.
When the waiter of the ship realized St.
Jacques was injured and they called the first aid staff, who fixed her with a neck brace and put her on a stretcher.
She was taken by ambulance to the infirmary of the park and then taken to the comprehensive campus of the Ottawa Hospital. St.
Jacques recalled crying when his son visited her in the infirmary.
\"Don\'t worry, Mom, he said.
\"You will be fine,\" she said in tears . \".
In general, St.
I gave Jacques a pain killer, and then I did a CT.
She testified that the doctor found her C2 spine broken in two places. St.
Sales representative Jacques from Que Pincourt.
In eastern Montreal, she said she wore a halo vest for more than three months after recovering. St.
Jacques and her husband, Mark Bertrand, have filed several lawsuits against customers alleging injuries in the park.
Earlier in the trial, Lawrence greenspeng, counsel for Kalipso, opposed allowing injured customers to provide any testimony, saying that the Park admitted that they were injured, but the testimony is \"sensational, but not relevant\" to the security law\'s allegations \".
Julie Lawson ruled last week that peace and justice allowed customers to provide limited testimony.
But she warned that the trial could not be a \"Forum of emotions, feelings or consequences unrelated to the case \".
The trial continued on Wednesday.
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