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calypso water park trial to begin for alleged safety violations

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-31
Trial in Ottawa-
Regional water parks accused of violating safety regulations will begin this week, and more than two years ago park administrators were thrown while using two waterslides.
This will be the first time Calypso water park has had the opportunity to defend itself against the 20 proposed under the technical standards and safety act after customs officers injured on ships and sledding slides in 2011 and 2012The three-
A week\'s trial is scheduled to start on Monday, but after a back injury to a lawyer at the water park who was unable to appear in court, he was postponed until at least Wednesday.
The chief investigator in the case is expected to be the first prosecution witness.
Two accidents on the sledge occurred on the same day in June 19, 2012, when two men were taken to hospital after a sledge --
The style of inflatable tube hit another one on the slide.
The charges included staff sending park visitors to the subway too early, while another was found on the slide.
Calypso has also been accused of not closing the ship after repeated incidents that pose a direct threat to user security, and of not reporting injuries on the 2011 slide.
TSSA also charged the alleged lack of supervision of a children\'s water park known as the pirate water park.
If convicted on all charges, Calypso may face a fine of up to $20 million, although in the worst case, this high maximum fine is usually left to repeat offenders.
The water park also faces several civil lawsuits alleging millions of dollars in damage caused by the park.
At least two of these proceedings are related to TSSA charges.
One of the injured passengers, Marek Strelec, said in a civil court file that his skull was broken, his hearing loss and his spine was broken.
Calypso denied the allegations in a defense statement, saying Strelec was negligent, not a water park.
Lawrence greenspenn, a lawyer at Kalipso, said the water park is looking forward to the opportunity to show how and why the accident happened.
Greenspon had previously called the charges against Limoges water park \"abuse of power,\" but he would not disclose what Calypso intends to argue during the trial.
When Calypso was charged, the owner, Guy in, said the charges were \"very disappointing \".
Drouin said his staff had been working closely with TSSA until the allegations were made.
Greenspon said that in order to ensure the safety of the public, the issue of the slides had been resolved before the allegations were made.
\"These allegations hurt their business,\" Greenspon said . \".
\"This is an opportunity for them to answer the charges.
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