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calypso water park \'wilfully blind\' to problems with slide, prosecution argues

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-01
The kalipsos theme Water Park \"deliberately turned a blind eye\" to the danger on a water slide, accusing a safety inspector of being responsible for the accident on another slide, a \"red fish, Tuesday, one prosecutor argued.
The pipe turned over on the steamer water slide was \"canary in the coal mine\" stating that there was a problem with the ride, but Calypso ignored the warning signal, and prosecutor Tom Ayers claimed on the last day of Limoges --
Trial of 11 regional water parks suspected of safety violations.
Calypso refused to accept the allegations of technical standards and safety laws, including the allegations, and its management did not notice the trend of events on the ship in the summer of 2011, and then, they did not report to the Ontario regulator TSSA, which oversees amusement park rides.
Kalipso also faces charges related to a 2012 collision between the two tubes on the second slide known as the orange sled, along with a separate incident, A woman\'s tube hit the wall at the end of the slide.
More charges are about the lack of regulation of pirate water games in the structure of children\'s games.
Ayres said it has been determined that the ship has developed a buckle, combined with the configuration of the sprinkler sprayer, which causes the tube to flip when they leave the toilet --
Like a bowl in the middle.
Ayers said the park should know that after an injured rider left the park in an ambulance, another injured rider had a broken lock and had problems riding.
\"This trend is yelling at them.
\"They don\'t hear the screams,\" he said . \".
Ayers said TSSA was not able to check until the park was closed for a season and found the problem --
Things could have happened faster if Calypso had reported these events.
Ayres also targeted Calypso\'s defense, when an inspector told the park to stop using the light and sensor scheduling system indicated to the waiter, it is safe to become the victim of \"official induction error\" on the sled to send the next tube down the slide.
\"The problem with the lights is a complete red herring.
This is a deflection.
\"This is an attempt to blame others for the defect of Calypso theme water park,\" Ayres said . \".
\"What is required for public safety is that the attendant is properly trained to send the next rider.
\"Inspectors who told Calypso not to use light and sensor systems\" did not allow them to have an accident on this journey, \"Ayers said. \".
Ayers said the search warrant did not show any evidence of accompanying training until an accident occurred after a heavily injured rider, Marek Strelec, stuck his tube on the slide.
There is also \"compelling\" evidence that Kalipso has poor regulation of pirate water games, Ayers said.
Ayres argued that the email showed that a Calypso official believed that it was \"excessive to have a waiter at the top of the seven slides of the building and a lifeguard at the bottom.
Defense lawyer Lawrence greenspenn said on Tuesday that Calypso was upset about the prosecution\'s allegations because they deliberately ignored the dangers on the ship.
\"I think qualitative is unfounded, completely unfounded, not based on evidence, and is an exaggeration that is not suitable for lawyers,\" Greenspon said on Tuesday, he has repeatedly opposed the prosecution\'s statement.
Greenspon says TSSA\'s approach is to \"charge Calypso with everything in the sun.
Calypso initially faced 20 charges, but 9 were dropped
The trial implied by greenspenn on Tuesday lacked evidence.
A trial decision is expected in April 13.
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