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campgrounds with water slides in central pennsylvania

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-31
Several camps in central Pennsylvania have water slides.
Splash Magic Camp and RV Park in Northumberland added water slides in 2010.
There are two 380 Lakes Resort-foot-
Long water slide.
Drummer boys camping RV Resort 250-
Foot water slides into a heated pool.
There are six water slides at the knell Bear Resort in Elysburg.
Gerliston Park camp/resort in milrun brings cartoon characters of yoga bears and friends, as well as two water slides.
Splash Magic RV park has hundreds of full connections.
The camp is flat and laid.
They provide many popular resources for the entire family, including the water park.
Three dressed characters introduce their splash park to visitors.
In addition to splash park, the park has bicycles and Surrey rentals
Golf courses with golf cart rentals, heated swimming pools, boating, unlicensed fishing and entertainment centers including aerial hockey, bingo and other games and crafts, but some require extra cash.
Lake Raystown has a place for tents, trailers and RV.
All camps can accommodate up to 6 people.
The camp is close to the water with standard picnic tables and fire rings.
Electricity, water, Internet and RV connection are included.
Raystown also offers boating and fishing, guided tours, swimming, water parks, treasure hunting, beach activities, including sand carvings and boating competitions.
With white water inner tubes and atomic blasting, WildRiver Waterpark will distort your run and make you scream more.
Party for more than 6 people can get a decent ticket discount.
For those with more civilized needs, cabins and cabins, yachts and hotel rooms are available.
Drummer Boys have 400 camps and 50 have full connections.
With playground, fishing pond, adult spa, heated pool, shop, gift shop, mini
From June to September, you can watch movies here.
There are laundromat, snack bar and deli in the hotel.
There is also a cottage for rent at this resort.
The waterslide here was not found.
Knoebels has a wrinkle and a monthly connection to the rapping website.
There is a shop in the camp that sells all kinds of items, including camping supplies.
The campers can-site.
Other amenities include a water slide area and a crystal pool.
There are six slides.
Knoebels provides rides for children of all ages, especially for smaller children.
Gerliston Park and camp are located in Mills County, southwest Pennsylvania.
It also provides a complete connection for RVs and tent sites.
This is the home of yogis and Boo.
So this family will have a taste of cartoon nostalgia.
There is a lot to do in this park.
Water slide and mini
Golf is included in the entire camping fee.
Fishing, merry-go-round, children\'s games, and hand-made products are all perfect for visitors to experience.
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