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camping -- and a water park

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-15
I was floating on the inner tube, basking in the sun on Bluebirds in the west of Ventura County, and my inflatable boat glided lazily over the water flow under a cool mist.
On the shore, a sunburned lifeguard looked down at me from behind the big pink sunglasses.
This is the pass for camitas Lake camping.
Of course, there is a camp in the Casitas Lake Entertainment District--
Over 400 plus a marina and some of the best fishing in the state.
But the water park I like is the biggest attraction here.
Inside the park entrance is a shower and a jungle gym is sprayed in a huge shallow pool.
A few feet away, a winding concrete
Lined waterways with gentle water flow carry the Interior
Subway passengers traveling under waterfalls, waterfalls and waterfalls.
So how does a water park end on this 2,700-kilometer coast? acre lake?
Lake Casitas has been known for fishing for decades.
If you look at the photos at the bait store near the pier, you will see some monster Big Mouth Bass and dinosaurs --
Hard Trout
For the past 30 years, core anglers have wrestled from these waters.
Among the fishermen, Lake casidas has always been a favorite in the world of production --record catch.
But over the past few years, fishing has fallen more popular nationwide than the California real estate market.
In order to make up for the reduction of paid tourists, the operator of the lake--
Casitas City Water Authority--
Built a small water park, Casitas water adventure, and added a lazy river a few years later, a winding swimming pool with water jets inside
About 1,200 m subway rider-foot route.
According to the number of visitors, the features of the water are a boon to Lake Casitas.
On a warm Thursday morning, my 10-year-
Daughter, Isabella.
She was not thrilled with the idea of camping and fishing.
She said there are too many mosquitoes standing on the muddy shore and too much free time.
But when I told her about the water park, she looked up from the Nintendo DS screen and asked, \"How big is the water slide?
\"I think this is a positive response.
The lake is about 70-
Just a few minutes drive from Los Angeles, perfect for a quick weekend getaway.
Drive along oak tree
Under the shadow of 33 degrees east of Ventura, enter the rolling hills near Ojai and then turn west to California 150 and you will find the blue-
The green waters of Lake Casitas.
When we pulled to the entrance, we asked for a camp near the water park. (
Camping permits are issued starting at $25 per night. )
We found a location in Camp C, only a short walk from the water park and a short distance from the harsh sound of 150 m.
Once I saw how close our camp was to the road and I was thinking about a quieter place but my daughter rushed to the water park.
In the shade of the oak tree, we opened our gear, set up a tent and changed into a swimsuit.
Casitas Water Adventure is suitable for children under 5 years of age.
The water around the multi-storey jungle gym is no more than 18 inch deep.
From the jungle gym, the water flower is sprayed out of the high-pressure water gun, poured out from the bucket above the head and shot out from almost every angle.
Beach chairs around the water park are too pale
Residents facing the compartment can catch light while watching the children consume excess energy.
Isabella walked a straight line towards the lazy river and ordered me to follow.
Each of us caught an inner tube and let the flow of water push us to the river.
I would have been happy to go to the seaside for a day, but for Isabella, who wants to play tag in the river, it\'s quiet.
The Lazy River is not more than 3 feet deep, so I am not worried about drowning.
In addition, lifeguards are stationed every few hundred feet along the way.
The water is cool and clean.
After playing the water circus for hours, I was ready to crash in the tent.
Back to camp, we cooked peppers and hot dogs on the stove in the camp and then baked marshmallow on the campfire.
I pointed to the stars that came out of the branches of the oak tree, but Isabella was already saying she was going to sleep.
After spending a whole day in the water, we slept soundly and hardly noticed the occasional traffic whizzing through Highway 150.
\"When will the water park open?
Isabella asked the next morning. Not until 11 a. m. , I told her.
It gives us enough time to go fishing.
We rented a small motorboat from the dock. $50 an hour)
Turn around the lake
I threw a spin bait but was not bitten.
When we saw a lone deer grazing on the shore, we turned off the motor and taxied towards the neighborhood.
We came to less than 20 feet away from the deer and it had not yet entered the bushes.
After returning to the yacht marina, we went back to the rafting river, drifting on the cool water flow, playing the label on the inner tube, wondering if we would enjoy camping again. --hugo. martin@latimes. com--(
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Lake Casitas is the best route from Los Angeles. S.
101 North, about 70 miles.
Take California Highway 33 east to Ojai for about 10 miles.
Turn left to California 150 (Baldwin Road)
Then go to Santa Ana Road.
The entrance to the park is on the right.
Night camping: $25 for basic venues;
$30 on Friday, Saturday and holidays.
More expensive for RV and trailer sites.
To book, please call (805)649-
Between 8 a 1122. m. and 3 p. m.
Monday to Friday
$12 a day for water exploration;
$5 after 5 p. m.
Learn MOREGo from www. lakecasitas.
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