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can you spot the drowning boy in this swimming pool? this eagle-eyed hero lifeguard did and saved the kid’s life

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-08
A quick rescue in a crowded pool shows how fast a child is in trouble.
Two days ago, the lifeguard rescue team posted the video on YouTube showing a boy who lost his inflatable pipe and immediately struggled to float.
The child seemed panicked and asked for help at the pool center, which is believed to be in the United States.
Lifeguards do not waste time and whistle in the middle of the night.
Dive and reach the child in a few seconds.
A float for the child, the lifeguard sent him back to the pool and his hat fell in the process.
Another video released in early August showed a separate incident at the same pool.
According to the royal life-saving society, in the UK, about 400 people drown unnecessarily every year, thousands are injured, and some have changed their lives.
Experience drowning.
Nearly 60 of them are children and young people, and drowning is the third leading cause of accidental death in Britain, according to the charity.
But they point out that accidents tend to happen more often during holidays and warn people to be vigilant when using the pool.
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