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by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-29
Just a while ago, in your own backyard, on a hot day, you\'ll spend a lot of money paying for a cool soak-unless you\'re happy with your standing ankle --
Deep in your child\'s plastic foam pool.
But over the past few years, the new pool technology has allowed more people to afford the heat.
They are known as inflatable swimming pools and range from $50 to $1,000.
Different from the old rigidity above
The ground pool is easy to install.
You just put the pool on a flat surface, inflate it and fill it with water.
The swimming pool is made of durable PVC and is designed for several seasons.
This is the kind of swimming pool set up in the backyard of the Que jolliette family.
May 14, 2006-Mother\'s Day.
The next morning, a fouryear-
Found the old boy floating in the pool face down.
The effort to revive him failed and he was declared dead in the hospital.
\"People don\'t think [
Inflatable swimming pool
Edith lemé of the Canadian Red Cross Quebec branch told CBC News.
\"You can buy it very cheaply and it\'s really easy to install and they don\'t think you need to isolate it.
\"Any pool that cannot be easily emptied should be surrounded by its own fence
Lock the door, Lemme said.
The bylaws covering the enclosure around the pool vary across the country from city to city, and not all bylaws cover the inflatable pool.
The Red Cross advised the fence to be at least two metres high and completely surrounded by the pool.
The House should not be part of the pool enclosure.
Gates should be a self.
Locking and self
Closed, so it will not stay on unexpectedly.
The boy\'s death prompted the Red Cross to issue a warning about the inflatable pool.
The agency noted that drowning remains one of the main causes of death among children under five years of age.
On 2002, 13 Canadian children drowned in a family swimming pool.
Most people are lonely when they are in trouble.
\"The inflatable pool is as dangerous as any back --
The pool in the yard, especially for young children, \"said Michelle mecil, national manager for water safety at the Canadian Red Cross, at a press conference.
\"In order to ensure that these pools bring fun in the summer, not tragedy, supervision and fencing must be a priority.
\"In February 2006, the consumer report magazine listed the inflatable pool as one of eight products that are not purchased for children.
The magazine says the pool is too big to be in space every day, and parents are too cheap to consider wrapping up with a permanent fence.
\"So they sit unattended in the backyard, which is a danger of drowning,\" the magazine said.
\"In terms of inflatable swimming pools, not just toddlers are at risk.
July 17, 2005, a 13-year-
The long hair of the old Quebec girl died when it was stuck by the water pump of the swimming pool filter of the relative.
In most swimming pools, the filter entrance is located near the water surface.
In the inflatable pool, the entrance can be 30 cm below the water surface.
After the incident, the Quebec coroner\'s office warned the owner of the inflatable pool to ensure that the filter entrance was covered by the screen.
Following the incident, Health Canada issued a warning to provide these tips for the safety of the inflatable pool: the Canadian Institute of Health Information noted that for every toddler drowning in 2002 --
2003, 6 to 10 others have suffered
Drowning requiring hospital treatment
Of these, 25 children suffered some form of permanent brain injury.
According to data collected by the Red Cross, since 1991, only toddlers have reportedly committed suicide in the swimming pool.
Close and selflatching gates.
Environment Canada expects to be 2006 warmer this summer than in previous years, and sales of inflatable swimming pools are expected to remain strong.
The Red Cross advises parents to understand the risks in order to take the necessary measures to reduce the risk of accidental drowning.
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