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celine dion\'s $72.5 million jupiter island house has its own water park (photos, video)

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-15
Her heart may continue but her pool will last longer.
In fact, if it weren\'t for a private water park built by Celine Dion at her Florida oceanfront estate, we might have a crisp white interior or eight-
Guest room.
But since a heroine can\'t take her child to any public entertainment, it\'s two large swimming pools connected to a water park ---
Includes a huge twisted slide and a lazy river-
Causing our chin to drop.
\"This is really a real water park\"
Joseph Montanaro, the agent of Sotheby\'s International Real Estate in Quebec, told Zillow.
\"It has a slide and a lazy river at the bottom.
It has 1 feet bridges at the bottom where children can play.
As herself, she had a hard time getting out of the house with the children, so she created this for her and her family.
\"Then there was an amazing $72 property.
The price tag is 5 million, but there is a third swimming pool at the back.
It is reported that Canada chanteuse has bought two adjacent houses on Jupiter Island for less than $20 million in the past decade, and then built her and her husband René in 2010.
According to Montanaro, it is now the largest beachfront property on Jupiter Island with 10,000-square-
The main house with five other separate pavilions, including the huge guest house, the Beach House, the pool house, and the foot of the tennis center.
Although we are very jealous of the water park, the real key may be the automatic shoe rack and hanger in Celine\'s custom wardrobe.
According to gossip, the singer sold the big playground only because her contract had just been extended until 2019.
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