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chasing cold cash: how icebergs became the field of dreams for believers and schemers

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-16
David Meyers, chief executive officer of Iceberg Vodka Canada, a spirit made of water extracted from icebergs off the coast of Newfoundland, a snowy morning of February, he met a colleague in the office on the northeast side of Toronto and the phone rang.
John Batten, warehouse manager of the company\'s trade union in Nangang.
On the Internet.
He sounded confused and confused, troubled by the crisis in which he had no answer.
He explained that he had been inspecting the facility for 30,000-
To ensure that the pressure gauges are all at 50 degrees, the liter of the iceberg storage tank indicates that the water inside is still circulating, not the frozen solids.
But one of the pumps was registered as zero and one of the pipes was displaced.
After further inspection, the tank was empty and iceberg water worth about $12,000 was missing.
\"It\'s not like the tank leaked out,\" Meyers recently recalled . \".
\"One of the tubes is crooked and should be connected to a tube on the pump, so it seems that the thief has attached a hose on it and somehow drained it out.
To be honest, we have been scratching our heads here since then.
\"Newfoundland police continue to investigate the iceberg monster, a robbery that made international headlines and went viral on social media, but has not given any specific clues yet.
What makes this mystery so appealing is the stolen substance: a precious liquid that is dug out of the giant ice floes, and in their vastness a myth that is almost
Indeed, the iceberg is an ancient history.
They came to Newfoundland and Labrador from seemingly distant places.
Actually Greenland)
Encouraged by the currents, melting in the summer sun, losing wealththat is, 100-per-cent pure, pre-
The industrial age without vitaminsor-minerals-
Increase iceberg water
Into the Atlantic Ocean.
Is the size of the iceberg, the length of the distance, The Age (
They are in their 10,000 s), ever-
Thousands of holidaymakers come to Newfoundland every summer to watch their changing buildings and inevitable deaths.
They are star attractions.
Right there, whales, seabirds, lighthouses, hiking trails and welcome --you-with-open-arms-and-distinct-
Landes accent
Half the car. billion-dollar-a-
Tourism industry.
But the iceberg also serves a smaller one.
Well known purpose: as a muse of a handful of hopers, billionaires and kookks, their iceberg water-
Based on mixture-
Vodka, bottled water, age-
Challenge creams, craft beers, wine and anything they might think of next --
We believe that Berg Water is the tip of the business iceberg and the imaginary gateway to great wealth, which fuels the industry.
The industry attracted a Saudi prince, a failed politician, and a former beach tramp, although they had only one certainty: by September 1, the natural resources on which it relied disappeared, and the following year, when another batch of bergs, usually 400 to 800 of the season, drift along the coast of Newfoundland for visitors to see --
Dreamers and conspirators are trying to make a profit.
Note that money is not a factor in Steve Bruno\'s fascination with the iceberg.
He is an engineering professor at St. Mark\'s University.
The World of John-
Famous experts in Arctic ships and structures
Such as oil drilling platform-
That means he thinks a lot about ice and icebergs.
Bruno has tested iceberg water and can prove its purity and the relative accuracy of the exaggerated technique often used by people trying to sell it.
\"Before 200 and 300, it was difficult to find ice in Newfoundland, so icebergs are often used as a source of packaged fish and preserved ice,\" he said . \".
\"The new situation today is that people are strictly pursuing the novelty of iceberg ice.
Sounds good, the optics are cool, you see these big old ice cubes from the glacier --
We can say that the water is as pure as the driven snow and not influenced by modern civilization and all of these things, all of which are very correct.
But don\'t make a mistake: it\'s a novelty, someone like this.
\"Unlike other novelties in Newfoundland, such as being screamed in bars, the iceberg industry is not for financial or physical weakness.
Getting ice from an iceberg requires a heavy
Strengthen dutysteel-
A heavy ship and a spirit of derailment
Do pull up next to a piece of ice that can be split or accidentally flipped, and usually have sharp, thorny underwater ice fingers that can be punched through unsuspecting boats. (
Remember Titanic.
In this regard, among the senior politicians in the Iceberg industry, Ed Kean is a veteran in his 30 s.
Plus the summer of harvesting ice cubes. He has a break-your-hand-in-two-
He began to get into the iceberg business because his family business was built on the collapse of the fishery.
Keane didn\'t want to leave Newfoundland to go somewhere else, so he had to find something new to fish.
An iceberg.
\"This is a very small industry,\" Keane said in the mountains of western Newfoundland.
\"The cost of entry is high and you have to harvest enough ice in two months to last the rest of the year.
\"In the past days, Keane used a rifle to blow up larger icebergs, or invaded the iceberg with an axe, and then dug up the fragments with a net, thus cracking the ice on the iceberg.
His system is now more advanced.
Keane receives about 1,000 tons of ice every summer.
Iceberg Vodka is his biggest customer so far. using a 100-foot-
A custom barge called an ice harvester with a hook.
The hook breaks large blocks of ice that are put into the ice crusher and stored in the water tank.
The ideal iceberg for harvest is about medium size --sized house.
\"I\'m starting to do my own iceberg water now,\" Kean said, one of the six individuals/companies that the province has licensed to harvest the iceberg.
\"I hope it will be bigger than vodka and bigger than beer --
Everything else.
\"Hope and dreams are the foundation of an industry that has always been considered bigger than the actual situation.
The idea of monetizing iceberg water first appeared in the late 1940 s, thanks to John Dev Isaacs III, an American scientist and scholar.
Isaacs\'s career allowed him to stop at the nuclear test site and study the wave of explosions, assuming that the Antarctic Ice Mountain was dragged on the Pacific coast and anchored near Catalina Island, could solve California\'s long-term water shortage in agriculture.
The industrial sector.
His theory was completely eccentric and stuck on the edge of science until he was in his 1970 s. When Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Faisal Saudi Arabia is interested in the iceberg as a possible answer to the question of Saudi drinking water.
As Saudi Arabia made money on the iceberg, university professors began to publish papers and hold academic conferences.
Entrepreneurs noticed.
\"Previous discussions on iceberg water highlighted its application in irrigation and agriculture
Industrial Complex, affordablepriced water —
And asked to deliver a very large iceberg. F.
On April 1980, at the International Glacier Society conference in Cambridge, England, his companions noticed it for several weeks.
\"However, the water delivered to Saudi Arabia will be used for human consumption and high technology and may get higher prices.
\"The interest of the Saudi iceberg has also caught Ron tumm\'s attention, who was the owner of the Cayman Islands hovercraft leasing business and a St. John’s native.
He just doesn\'t understand why the Saudis don\'t melt the iceberg anywhere, bottle the water, and ship it home, ready to drink, instead of dragging the iceberg into the desert --
Never actually happened.
\"In business, the Prince is looking for the most expensive ice on Earth,\" he said . \".
\"It\'s always stuck in my mind.
Stamp fantasized that he was the first iceberg water entrepreneur in Canada.
When he told the story, he had a beer with a friend about 1982 years old, and when they started talking about icebergs --
Prince of Saudi Arabia
Before realizing that what he was really good at was talking, Stamp left home at the age of 17 and was driving a truck in Toronto, so he switched to sales before leaving sales, become a beach tramp in Jamaica.
Next came the hovercraft, and finally came home to visit his parents, where he began a new adventure: the sale of Newfoundland fish to Europe.
It was a good idea until almost all of the cod disappeared and the government announced a moratorium on fisheries.
Stamp said that he has not forgotten the Saudis for a long time, nor the image of a huge iceberg melting, which has inspired his first iceberg --
Business philosophy: ice cubes.
The iceberg ice is pure, hard, and melts slowly, and he has a story of origin that he feels a good Scottish whisky connoisseur will swallow and pay a premium.
But the idea never came true.
The answer is vodka.
\"I was the first person to make vodka with an iceberg or make bottled water with an iceberg, which can\'t be taken back from me,\" said Stamp . \". His vodka-
Although his recent creation dates back to about 1993 days, it\'s been a long time now.
Iceberg Beer-
Let him tell the story again.
The beer has been tested.
Its creators claim that it sells in several Asian markets, with rave reviews.
\"I \'ve been watching icebergs all my life,\" said Stamp . \".
\"It\'s an interesting thing because no matter how often you see them --
If you drive along the coast, there\'s an iceberg in a corner --
It will stop you. They are off-
Because it is summer now, there is an ice hanging on the horizon.
They are a great thing.
\"That\'s why some Finns are more eager to harvest icebergs, leaving only icebergs.
\"Conflict with harvesters-
That scene-
This is true, \"said Cecil Stockley, who runs iceberg/whale MV Iceberg Lane
Watch the ship out of Twillingate, Napper.
\"I have always thought that we should let the iceberg break down naturally, which is my point of view.
Tourists, especially in places like Twillingate, the last thing you want to see is the harvester creaking up the iceberg with all their machines.
\"In the past few years, tensions have intensified between harvesters and protectors.
Shouting and insulting each other between the ship and the ship.
Things are easy to upgrade, admitted Stockley.
In order to maintain peace, the government of Newfoundland has stepped in and adopted a series of icebergs/whales --
Focus on industry-
Friendly measures, including the regulation that all icebergs \"harvest activities must not interfere with Cruise work or other recreational activities . . . . . . \" Harvest activities or collection of bergy bits shall not be carried out within visible distances of known locations frequented by tourists, including but not limited to Cape Bonavista, Cape Spier, at present, the easing of icebergs remains, the iceberg continues to attract new dreamers to join the industry.
Such a dream is Marek Krol, Poland
Canadian entrepreneurs are known for being small in Newfoundland.
C. The Road to Fame, because he is short in his own
Live TV series \"Wild Life\" tells the story of living in this land with family. The 52-year-
The old man used his celebrity to politically try his hand as a Conservative candidate in St.
John took part in 2015 federal election against liberal star Seymour o\'regen.
Krol was crushed and earned only £ 4.
5 of the total number of votes.
\"Politics is not very good for me,\" he said with a smile . \".
Next: Iceberg Vodka, maybe iceberg water, who knows, maybe iceberg water --
Some kind of derivative medicine.
Krol claims that he is applying for a patent for a new technology that will greatly increase the number and efficiency of iceberg harvest.
He also designed a new bottle of vodka.
Preview is not allowed
He expects liquor stores in Newfoundland to be on shelves this fall.
\"Success begins with a dream,\" he said . \"
\"The amazing people who have become billionaires, they have a dream, they pursue this dream, I am not afraid of adventure, bold dreams, let things happen.
\"Back to the Canadian Iceberg Vodka headquarters in Toronto, the iceberg water is missing in a week and there is no new breakthrough.
CEO David Meyers has his own theory of work. he thinks thieves must think they are stealing vodka when they empty the tank and then disappear without a trace.
\"30,000 liters of vodka are of great value,\" he said . \"
\"But there is no black market for iceberg water.
I just don\'t know how you handled the 30,000 liters of stolen iceberg water in Newfoundland.
But maybe the thieves know, maybe they already know.
They won\'t be the first to see an iceberg, 100 of them. per-
Pure opportunity is frozen inside.
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