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cheapest outdoor indiana water parks

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-01
The cheapest summer in Indiana outdoor water park can be hot and one of the most refreshing Summers (
Not to mention fun)
The way to stay cool is to visit one of Indiana\'s outdoor water parks.
The three largest and most economical water parks in Indiana are deep water parks, Indiana Beach water parks and holiday world water parks.
The Indiana deep river water park Crown Point is home to the deep river water park.
Tickets are only $18 a day.
Residents of Indiana can get $2. 00 discount!
With a wave pool, two lazy rivers and a ton of fast and fun slides, Deep River is one of the cheapest and largest water parks in Indiana!
Here\'s the price of their 2009 tickets: Daily Price: Ten o\'clock A. M-
Six o\'clock P. M. : regular admission-$18.
Under 46 and under 95$10.
12 months or less
Free seniors *-$15.
95 after two o\'clock P. M. : Normal admission-$16.
Under 46 and under 95$8.
95 Advanced *-$13.
95 Indiana resident discount-$2.
All of the above rates have been canceled.
The ideal Beach of ParkIndiana Beach in Indiana Beach is another moderate-sized water park, but it lacks some of the attractions offered by Deep River and splasin\' Safari.
The water park on Indiana Beach is mainly composed of slides, drifting rivers and some Shaffer lakes.
The real attraction is other attractions in Indiana Beach, including roller coasters.
The combined wristband price of 2009 on Indiana Beach is: combined wristband price: 48 \"and more than $35.
48 \'\'= 95 under $25.
The free water park for 95 children aged two and under opened on June
From 10: 00 a. m. on August to 6: 00 P. M.
The Holiday World and waterflower safari are probably the most expensive but also my favorite.
Included in the nearly $40 entrance fee, access to all attractions provided by Holiday World (
Top roller coasters in some countries)
Free Pepsi products and sunscreen!
The water park has wave pools, lazy rivers, and a bunch of slides, including the top poles of pilgrims on the world\'s tallest water rides!
Ticket Price (2009)
General admission for Holiday World and eye-catching wildlife parks$39. 95Guest-Under-54\"/Senior (Age 60+)-$29.
95 for two consecutive days (
General admission)-$59.
95 for two consecutive days (Guest-Under-54\"/Senior)-$49.
95 children 2 and below are free! Indiana Dunes -
In addition to these three outdoor water parks, there is also a water park and you have a cheaper option, Indiana Dunes State Park!
Here you can enjoy the beaches of Lake beaches Indiana!
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