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chef\'s playground is in outdoor kitchen

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-18
Walk in the front door of chef\'s restaurant Sherman Oaks, California
Home, through the towering foyer and wide
Open the designer kitchen and get out of the back door and you might think you\'re forming
Transfer your way to the countryside of Italy.
The chef said: \"The best thing for me is on Sunday, and the kids and I are in the garden, picking what I want to do, his restaurant, Drago Santa Monica, has just celebrated its 20 th anniversary.
This could mean a simple pasta with cherry tomatoes and basil.
Or grilled vegetables with chicken or fish.
Drago seemed rather indifferent to his indoor kitchen, though it was the kind of room the agent used to sell the house.
\"To be honest, we don\'t use the one in the house very much,\" he said . \". No wonder.
Outside, he has a huge hive. shaped wood-
Burn the oven, a huge dining table, and everything you need to cook and eat.
Delago can overlook the hills through the pool.
Alternatively, he can sit there and watch one of the two tablets stand high on the wall at both ends of the long, rectangular, opensided room.
His wife, Leslie, was the queen of breakfast, he said \".
She made everything fresh.
She also made school lunches for two teenage daughters.
\"That\'s why I never go in, and I can keep peace with my wife,\" he added with a smile . \".
Drago and his family moved into the house four years ago.
He said the former owners were built about eight years ago.
It has a wine cellar and an adjacent room which will be a perfect place to hide from poker.
However, the outdoor kitchen, like a family holiday, is a place to spend too long time eating and talking.
Delago makes bread and beef, grilled fish and grilled vegetables, and roast suckling pigs here.
The pizza oven was the first thing to build a long time ago and there would be a house around.
Drago brought five dollars from Italy to California and then installed at one end of the outdoor kitchen.
It is creamy yellow with a spacious stone work space on both sides of the iron gate.
There is a metal pizza paddle nearby.
Trays with salt and pepper, balsamic vinegar and olive oil are also convenient.
In a shed on one side of the oven, in a corner below, there is storage space for Wood.
When the food is finished, it moves to the walnut
The colorful Lime Island of the cafeteria, or a small supporting table at the other end of the room, or a wooden table for 24 people at a critical moment.
Two Viking burners are provided, along with a gas grill and an industrial cover to take away the smoke from the chef and guests.
There is a dishwasher in the kitchen, sink and two small fridges hidden behind the wooden door. A Gulliver-
The size of the fireplace, with a brightly colored ceramic plate hanging on it, with the sun hanging on it, and two iron arms swinging back and forth, attracted the attention of the center of the room.
Drago sometimes hangs a copper pan on his arm and cooks corn porridge.
He also made Italian cheese on the fire. The pavilion-
Like there is a phone in the room, a large market size and curtains to prevent the wind.
Ceiling lamps hung overhead.
There were some potted plants and candles in the room, but Drago said, \"I don\'t like to take things out.
\"Very little decoration is needed: right on the arch of the room, it is Drago\'s precious garden, which winds in a row at the edge of the pool and yard.
In case someone missed the meaning of the kitchen and the surroundings, Drago did it again: he took a cigar, a glass of wine and watched football the afternoon before.
Ah, relax.
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