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child\\\'s inflatable pool death prompts lifesaver …

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-20
The backyard pool poses a serious risk to children who will drown in water under 30
A few centimeters deep, the lifeguard said.
With the heat wave sweeping through Queensland and New South Wales, families are cooling down in the backyard pool, including more than 100,000 inflatable pools sold each year.
Dr. Shayne Baker of the royal life-saving society said that although the inflatable pool is as dangerous as the regular pool, there is no law requiring a fence around the inflatable pool.
He was worried that their danger was underestimated.
\"Basically, if it holds less than 300 of the water and is not filtered and the total water volume is less than 2,000 liters, Dr. Baker said:\" Technically, they do not need a fence or any other form of approval. \".
But it is clear that they pose enormous risks.
\"The warning was issued after two people. year-
The old man died in hospital on Wednesday because he was unconscious from a blow
Located in the pool of Morefield, north of Brisbane.
According to the association\'s latest annual report, January is the most likely time for drowning in Australia.
Since Christmas, four children under the age of five have drowned in the new state, three children have drowned in the backyard swimming pool, and one child has drowned in the backyard fish pond, including 23 childrenmonth-
The old twins who were pulled out of the water in December 20 but later died.
On 2015, the royal life-saving society launched a security campaign to combat the backyard in the Queensland area --up pools.
The study showed that the number of drowning deaths among children under 5 years of age increased by 30 in 12 years
More than half of the time in a month is in the portable swimming pool.
With the heat wave coming, if they are in an inflatable pool, families need to make sure their children are supervised, Dr. Baker said.
He said a toddler would drown in less than a minute.
\"Older children tend to play in the water and get distracted, so they forget to focus on younger children.
\"Adults sitting on their mobile phones are also very dangerous.
\"When they\'re done sending text messages or checking social media accounts, a child is drowned.
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