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choosing the best inflatable mattress for camping

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-23
When choosing the best inflatable mattress for camping, several factors are taken into account: camping location, intended use of the mattress, number of mattresses required, and storage space for the mattress.
Your camping location determines how much space you know inside the camp and the type of terrain you expect.
With this knowledge, you will know if the material type of these mattresses can withstand this terrain.
You also know how big the mattress is at the camp.
When choosing what kind of air mattress you will be sure and know how big your tent is.
This will play an important role in the size of your bed.
Another factor is the design of the tent.
If the walls of the tent are straight up then you will have more space if you buy the dome style tent.
If you plan to use these mattresses for seating and sleep, the intended use is a factor.
With a model to convert from an inflatable sofa to at least one full size bed, this saves space and prevents the need to bring additional camping chairs.
For example, a combination of an inflatable sofa bed can sit for at least three people and sleep for two.
After purchasing one of the models, you will no longer need three or more folding chairs.
This provides more space for the extra mattress.
These inflatable beds and sofas are folded flat into a suitcase similar to a folding chair.
Add up, the overall cost break-even when you buy one of these models instead of three travel chairs and a mattress.
The average cost of traveling or folding chairs is $20, and this inflatable combination is $79 for the full size sofa bed.
A basic inflatable mattress is $39.
Once you know how many mattresses you need, just consider this alternative seat combination to calculate your budget before purchasing a camp chair.
This will save you money on activities or food.
This combined model takes up less space in your SUV than the mattress and travel chair.
The folding design is ideal for small suitcases.
With this solution, you have more space for fishing equipment, food, luggage and other necessities.
Most camps have air pumps, so there is no need to go to the gas station to inflate the mattress.
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