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choosing the perfect tent

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-27
Camping tents are an important investment for campers and should not only provide comfort, but also stay away from rain, snow, cold and harmful insects.
Even if that means you have to spend more money on a good quality tent.
Before purchasing a camping tent, determine the type of camping you are going to do, the climatic conditions and how many people are staying in the tent with you.
Normally, camping tents are rated according to the number of people they can accommodate.
If it is a tent for four people, it means that there are only four people, and the others are not suitable.
So depending on the number of people you check in, you\'ll need to adjust it to about twice as much to accommodate all your camping and hiking gear.
Also, consider the width and length of the tent you want to buy.
If you are 6 feet tall, make sure you stretch at least 1 feet more to stretch comfortably.
Height should be enough to kneel, stand upright or at least partially.
It helps reduce the fight to wear clothes inside.
If you choose to carry an inflatable mattress, please keep the space for the inflatable mattress.
It is more comfortable than waking up on a cold pad.
However, the only downside here is that the tent does get heavier if you give in to the size limit.
Of the smaller tent varieties, the following are the most popular: 2-Person / 3-
The People MSR Velo tent is perfect for solo travelers who need more space to place their gear. MSR has a full-
Plenty of rain, bathtub floors, tape seams, even the worst downpour can be maintained, and mesh doors that provide ample ventilation.
9 lb 8 oz Velo with DAC feather poles, pole sleeves and 7 Groundhog stakes is more suitable for camping than hiking.
Velo MSR is good for both
There is also a lot of storage here.
The North Rock No. 22 tent is the other No. 2. Person / 3-
Full rain-proof season tents are provided.
It has a recording bathtub floor and an excellent full
Rain water, prevent water from coming in and destroy your gear.
It weighs 6 lbs 11 oz and has some great aluminum bars.
Medium-sized tent 8 lbs 11 oz Kelly ganison is a 4 man 3 season tent with full set of tents
Protect the rain cover to the maximum extent.
It is slightly heavier than most other tents, and it is more suitable for car camping than a backpack unless you can share the weight.
High quality DAC aluminum bar adds durability while tape seams, bathtub floors and full
Keep you dry.
In addition to this, the foyer and storage bag can keep all the equipment dry and protected.
A four-person tent is good for both people and a lot of equipment.
Kelly\'s true 7-pound 23-pound 8-ounce is ideal for car camping.
It is a large family tent that provides good protection against wind and rain.
The 7-Man 3 season Kelly Zhenyan 7 tent is 6 feet high, providing a lot of ground space and is the perfect choice for big family camping tents.
DAC aluminum bar is more durable than fiberglass and full fiberglass
Rainfall, sealed seams, and bathtub floors are excellent protection against rain and thunderstorms.
Kelly Crestone 2 tent is a light camping tent, ideal for backpacking.
The 2-Man 3 season was launched at a price of 4 lbs 12 oz, with two doors for easy access, and two large space remains for all equipment.
Camping tent used in winter and rain
25 Is a Four Seasons tent, perfect for weather conditions such as strong winds
Driving rain, snow and hail.
Equipped with 5 layers of waterproof barrier, 5 DAC feather Lite SL poles, bath floor and full set of rain. This three-
People\'s adventure tent also has polyurethane windows that are cold-
Crack of test
60 degrees Fahrenheit
It weighs 11 lbs 1 oz, but can be cut to 9 lbs 13 oz, can be used for car camping, and can also be separated between two backpackers.
However, this tent may overheat in a hot and humid environment.
The style of camping tent most tents have some basic common style.
Some are listed below: A-Frame -A-
Frame camping tent is usually a single-layer fabric wall pattern supported by one or two poles.
These sometimes use the space inside the tent to sag on both sides.
The risk of this tent is that if you hit it when it rains, it can cause a leak.
Camping tent or canvas tent
These heavy
Based on the spacious working frame.
Some even have space for picnic tables or firewood stoves, which makes them ideal for winter hunting.
However, they are heavy, about 35 to 160 pounds lbs, large in size, take longer to dry, and it takes about an hour for two heavy-duty Packers to install.
Dome camping tent
These dome-shaped camping tents are very popular for their snow, rain and wind resistance.
They provide a good clearance height and the aluminum bars make them very strong. The free-
The stand-up design does not require a tent stake or a guy line to remain upright.
Summer camping tent
These tents are designed for summer, very light
Good ventilation weight.
Camping in tunnels or tents
They are straight, narrow and light in shape.
Backpack and super light camping tent or shelter-
Camping is a small tent used by light guests, or a larger camping tent is not suitable.
They are only enough to accommodate you and your sleeping bag and are usually good for climbers who need to spend the night on vertical rocks.
They weigh between 1 and 3 pounds at a height of 1. 5-3. 5 feet. Sleep Screen -Another light-
Simple and warm weight-
A bomb shelter that can be closed.
The sleep screens use grids to help prevent bugs, but they do not provide rain protection. Tarp Tents-A minimalist 3-
This tent can protect you from the light rain.
The bottom is usually opened in the Tarp.
Meterolight at Sierra Design is a three-season tent for two men, weighing about 7 lbs.
It is bigger than most 2 camping tents and performs well in the wind and rain.
Leisure camperSeason3-
Season tents are suitable for casual campers, with more zippered mesh plates for camping in summer, spring and temperate areas.
Although they provide protection against wind and rain, they are not strong enough for snow.
Convertible camping tent similar to 4-
Season converted to 3-
Simply remove the tent cover, one or two poles, and open the zipper window to ventilate the season for the tent. 4-Season Tent-
These tents are winter camping tents designed to protect you from the serious impact of snow during winter camping and mountain climbing adventures.
They are strong and stand under the weight of snow or strong winds.
However, they do not provide as many grids as possible for ventilation, so they are not good for hot weather conditions.
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