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city street transformed into giant water slide

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-01
As part of the Interactive art project, a steep city Street was transformed into a water slide made of dry straw bundles and tarps.
The Park Street in Bristol has no traffic and becomes a huge free ride.
Residents were able to inflate Lille on the historic highway-a 7 cent slope-on a tarpaulin lubricated with soapy water.
On May 4, 2014, a lilo participant slipped off a huge water slide that had been installed on Park Street in Bristol and sunglasses could end travel illnesspaper-
The scissors sea plane took off from the truck. This slide was approved by health and safety inspectors who tested a trial version last year.
The event was the idea of artist Luke Jram, who specializes in \"living\" installations and has offices on Park Street.
Inspired by the hot weather of last summer, he hopes his latest work will lead the residents of Bristol to \"take back the streets\" and \"have fun \".
At the event, he said: \"The progress is very smooth, the installation time is a little longer than expected, but it\'s all up and running now.
\"There are people who are beautifully dressed, and as far as the eyes can see, it\'s incredible to have some viewers.
\"I was a little worried when I showed up at five this morning, but now everything is fine.
\"I was the victim of the first slide this morning and I walked slowly, but now it seems a bit fast.
\"It\'s amazing to think that 96,000 people, including Abu Dhabi, have applied for the program.
It was great that all of this managed to come together.
\"Bristol is the perfect place to do it because it\'s big enough to make it work, but it\'s not that big, so it becomes impossible to arrange it to be expensive or complicated.
People involved in the Bristol Park and slide show project (AFP)
\"We \'ve managed to slide this slide out of everyday items found on the shelves, so our plan is to set up instruction packs so cities around the world can go on their own.
\"This 90-meter-long slide is made of two rows of straw bundles lined with tarps and placed on a foam pad to cushion the ride.
Luke, 39, tested the 50-meter version at Ashton Court Manor in the suburbs of Bristol on last October, where relevant health and safety conditions were met.
The full size version of the slide hasn\'t been made until Sunday, so the artist is a bit worried about the setup.
Of the 96,000 people applying for slide tickets, 370 lucky riders were able to enjoy the attraction.
Rondene Vashem, a 17-year-old user from Bristol, said: \"The speed is too fast, much faster than I expected.
It\'s funny-I\'m glad I did.
\"It\'s so surreal to go down a familiar street, usually packed with people and cars.
\"You slide down on a very greasy road and the momentum you build while doing it is crazy.
\"I found out I was going about a week ago and I was getting more and more excited over time.
\"I think the weather makes the whole thing more enjoyable.
There are so many people coming down today too, it\'s great, it\'s a great event for Bristol.
Another 19-year-old Stephanie Pai from North Somerset said: \"It\'s great to walk down the slide-I appreciate the opportunity I have.
\"I \'ve been following this plan from the start, and when the petition goes live, I have to admit that I have a little doubt that it will continue.
\"Actually, it\'s great to see it set up today.
Unfortunately, no more people went to the event, but it was great to have so many people coming to the event.
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