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Return to the main pageCNN newsroom Iraqi forces awaiting orders to fight ISIS in Ramadi;
Look inside at the fall of Ramadi;
Heat wave killed more than 760 people in India
Heavy rains and record-breaking rains in Texas;
End of fuel strike in Nigeria;
In his first year as prime minister,
Part of the provisions of the Patriot Act will expire on June 1;
North Korean elites live a luxurious life;
Bounce house becomes dangerousAired 3:00-
4a ETAired May 26, 2015-
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This copy may not be in final form and may be updated. [03:00:00]
CNN anchor Rosemary Church: A week after ISIS took over an important city, Iraqi forces are ready to fight back.
CNN anchor Errol Barnett: and hundreds of people have been killed in the brutal heat wave that has plagued India for several days.
Church: more than a dozen people are missing after the record
It rains heavily in the United States. S. state of Texas.
Barnett: Hello, we extend a warm welcome to the American audience. S.
All over the world.
I\'m Errol Barnett.
This is Rosemary Church.
This is CNN Newsroom.
Barnett: We \'ve been in Iraq since this hour, and forces loyal to the government are basically waiting for orders to attack the city of Ramadi.
ISIS militants have been in control for more than a week.
Church: ISIS has been stepping up reinforcements until the expected counterattack.
Ramadi is the capital of Iraq\'s Anbar province.
It is 110 kilometers west of Baghdad.
You can see it on the map.
The occupation was a major blow to Iraqi leaders and troops.
BARNETT: to bring you an update on this, let\'s get in touch with Ian Lee, who is now joining us from the Cairo scene.
Ian, Defense Secretary Ash Carter\'s comments seem to surprise Prime Minister Hardy, right.
He said the Iraqi army lacks the will to fight ISIS.
But it basically shows that the United States lacks confidence in the Iraqi army. S.
However, you do want to know why, at a time when the country is so sensitive, make such a statement in such an open manner?
Ian Lee, cnn correspondent: Well, defense secretary Errol\'s comments seem more frustrating.
The United States has been providing weapons and training, but we still do not see the Iraqi army continue to attack.
To be a force that can stand next to ISIS, though, you know, the question of will has been raised many times.
We heard from Arwa Damon\'s recent reports that when she spoke to an Iraqi soldier, she said that their lack of will was not a fact.
They have the will.
They just don\'t have the structure, command, and weapons to stick to and keep fighting.
So there are many problems surrounding why, first of all, the withdrawal of Iraqi forces from Ramadi.
There are a lot of fingers pointed.
But now Iraqi troops and Shiite militias are preparing to retake the city.
As we can see elsewhere in Iraq, it\'s not easy when they try to take land from ISIS.
ISIS knows how to dig.
They know how to get their Boo
These improvised explosive devices.
As we can see in their occupation of the city, they have these brutal, armored vehicles filled with explosives.
And then on the front line, these shock tactics that really help us-
Helped the Iraqi army pull out of Ramadi.
These are the things they have to face.
So when we hear the Iraqi prime minister say they will retake Ramadi in a few days, we know that ISIS may have plans other than what the prime minister predicted, Errol.
Meanwhile, Ian, ISIS has occupied more territory in Syria.
It now owns the city of palmirah, where ISIS is now witnessed.
Just let us know what has happened since the militants took over the city a few days ago.
Li: all we hear is mass execution.
So far, more than 200 people, including at least 13 children.
Video from there.
We can\'t verify them on our own, but what they\'re really showing is a ghost town.
Some videos also show the consequences of the airstrikes.
We know there are a lot of civilians who have escaped, but for those who can\'t get away, they are hiding in their own house and ISIS is coming in --to-
To find people who support or cooperate with the regime.
Soldiers who may be left behind.
Any of them who hid these people from ISIS was executed.
What we hear is-
This brutal ISIS strategy has become their trademark, using beheading in most executions.
We also know that they have detained at least 600 people.
According to the London-based Syrian human rights group.
Barnett: everyone is trying to end this kind of atrocity.
Lee stayed in Cairo for us this morning. Thanks.
Church: In an exclusive interview with CNN reporter Arwa Damon, an Iraqi soldier who retreated from Ramadi described the decline of the city.
We have to give you a warning here.
Arwa\'s report contains some graphic videos that you might find disturbing. (Start Video)[03:05:09]
Arwa damon, CNN Senior International Correspondent (voice-over)
: The last moment of chaos captured on the phone. \"Come on.
\"Fight,\" shouted a voice.
This is the last exchange of fire with ISIS before Ramadi falls down.
A body appeared in the soil behind the embankment used to cover. Asa\'ad al-
Yassiri, who gave us the video, was one of the soldiers injured in the last battle.
\"Three improvised explosive devices took two Hummers out and killed five people.
They then pounced on us with two bulldozers loaded with explosives, \"he recalls.
He said his team, which is about 140 people, is located on the vast terrain west of Ramadi and is small in scale. Al-
Yassiri reloaded ammunition on an armored personnel carrier.
A soldier asked for heavy weapons.
ISIS is also approaching warnings from another direction.
\"Then they surrounded us in four directions with big guns and trucks.
There should be a force behind us, but they are not there, \"al-Yassiri says.
His commander is in charge of air support.
After a moment, \"no ammunition, no ammunition.
\"The unit received the withdrawal. Al-
Yassiri is painful and angry.
Although he was injured, he wanted to continue fighting.
He said that just two weeks before Ramadi went down, his troops took an ISIS position and killed six people.
Two bodies were burned in the video.
Seven others were detained, he said.
Four of them are foreigners.
During the interrogation, a captured ISIS fighter described their surveillance and bold tactics. Al-
Yassiri recalled, \"We put a light on the tower.
We know there are only 28 soldiers, in five months.
Rotation of hours and lack of ammunition.
If the soldiers do not fire on us, we will crawl and place bombs. \" Al-
Yassiri sneered at the allegations that Iraqi soldiers did not have the will to fight.
He wants to withdraw from the army and join the militia.
\"What failed was the military high,\" he said, ordering a retreat to allow the supply line to fail and the front line to collapse.
CNN correspondent Arwa Damon reports. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Barnett: now in central China, the president has called for an investigation after a nursing home fire killed 38 people and injured six others.
Authorities say the fire swept through a building in a privately owned facility.
Church: state media reported that the residents in the building had difficulty moving without help.
This may be the cause of the high death toll. One 82-year-
The old survivor said she was rescued from the room.
Unfortunately, the death toll in India is rising.
Not long ago it was at 600.
Officials now report that more than 760 people have been killed due to the strong heat wave there.
Church: Experts say hot temperatures, high humidity and lack of water are responsible for a large number of deaths.
But government officials are stepping in to help.
Malica Kapoor lives in Mumbai.
She has an update on the smoldering situation and what is being done to prevent more deaths.
So, Mallika, of course we have heard these numbers and the death toll has risen to over 700, which is absolutely shocking.
But talk to us about those who are the most vulnerable in the heat wave.
Mallika kapur, CNN: Rosemary, the most vulnerable, is of course the poor, you know, the poorest of the poor.
People who have no residence.
We are talking about people living on the streets of India.
It\'s not uncommon for beggars to have a home, they will--
They live in the streets of India all their lives.
We have migrant workers.
In India, it is common for people to find jobs between countries.
You have migrant workers who end up living on the streets.
Construction workers.
India is, of course, a growing economy.
In almost any corner of India, especially in the south, there is a lot of construction work going on, so at any given time you will see people in--
On the construction site.
So these people really don\'t have a residence or a house.
These people are the most vulnerable.
In fact, many people who have died are actually construction workers who have little chance to breathe from the heat and are forced to work outdoors at such a hot temperature. [03:10:04]
CHURCH: of course Mallika, we know it won\'t end soon.
We expect that these hot temperatures will not only last until the end of the month, but may continue until June.
So talk to us about what the authorities are doing.
What the Indian government is doing to help those who are most vulnerable because it is also time for power outages.
Therefore, even those with air conditioning are not able to use air conditioning in many cases.
Kapoor: That\'s right.
I mean, all these factors make the situation very bad.
Remember, Rosemary, it\'s a luxury in India.
Most people in India don\'t even have-
Not even a fan.
We\'re talking about 0. 4 billion people in India.
This is the third one in India.
2 billion people who do not have reliable access to electricity.
So they can\'t turn on the fan to cool down.
For most people in this country, air conditioning is still out of reach.
Of course, electricity is still a huge problem in India.
In the hot summer months, people will certainly use more air conditioners.
When this demand increases, the load of the power supply company is much larger.
They are often unable to cope with the surge in demand.
Then there is a power outage.
So in this heat wave and incredible heat, we see 4 to 5 hours of power outages per day in many parts of India.
Now in the south, given how bad the situation is there, and in particular, we see local governments starting to act.
They are doing what they can to help people.
They distributed water and buttermilk to many people.
This is to calm them down.
But it is also very important to keep moisture.
Most people who enter the hospital for treatment are either heatstroke or dehydrated.
So water and buttermilk are being provided by the government, the local government.
They are also ensuring the staffing of the hospital.
They asked the hospital. -
They asked doctors and nurses to cancel their leave and continue on duty in response to the influx of patients.
Of course, as we have been reporting throughout the morning, the number of deaths due to this heat wave is increasing.
Local governments in southern India\'s Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have announced compensation of up to $1500 for the families of the victims.
Church: of course, it\'s just a terrible situation for the people there.
And, you know, we\'re looking at this and we want to see some relief.
But there\'s heat.
Water is lacking for many people.
Mallika Kaput from Mumbai joined us and thank you very much.
Pedram Javaheri, a meteorologist, is joining us now.
You \'ve been watching what\'s going on in India all day.
It seems that both India and other countries have experienced the heat.
You know, it\'s hot or cold.
Pedram javaheri, ams meteorologist: Yes.
Barnett: young people, old people, and people who live on the street.
JAVAHERI: of course.
BARNETT: vulnerable to every twist.
Of course, as Rosy said, this pattern will last for a few weeks, so when you reach the climax ---
I should say that the accumulation of this model will definitely lead to downstream problems.
We talked about this earlier, guys, because there has been research on the heat wave and people who have suffered extreme heatstroke but have survived for 6 to 12 months, about 30% of hospitalized patients eventually died of high temperatures.
So once your nervous system breaks down, you have extreme conditions in your organs.
They won\'t last--
For many people, the time is much longer.
For example, we saw this in Chicago in 1995, where there was a heat wave.
We will do the same, of course, because you know the numbers are still rising.
But from a historical point of view, waiting for the monsoon scene in the Indian region, 1st in June, you start to see moisture rising, but far from the coast, it looks like the northern and eastern parts of India have been hit hard.
June 10, June 15.
So a few weeks before we start to see the monsoon or move forward to the area.
But in the most impressive hot weather in the world, you often see exotic tornadoes or tropical cyclones.
They got all the attention.
The effects of high temperatures in many parts of the world kill more people than these two weather events.
In 2003, a heat wave hit Europe, killing 70,000 people.
We know that there are 50,000 people in Russia and 700 in 1995. now we have more than 700 people in India, which is caused by extreme temperatures.
There are 48 degrees Celsius in parts of India, also 118 degrees Fahrenheit, but not just that.
This is the humidity, where the heat index is.
You can take this into account.
Temperatures in parts of Pakistan are 61 degrees Celsius.
This is definitely mind. boggling.
142 degrees Fahrenheit.
Of course, guys, you guys have considered this as well, and we talked about it.
When your core temperature and body reaches about 104 degrees Fahrenheit or 40 degrees Celsius, your body loses the ability to start sweating, which is the main mechanism for you to cool yourself.
Therefore, when the moisture content in the air is as high as the moisture content on the top of the skin, your body can no longer evaporate.
So when you start to see your core temperature rise, the problem comes with it. [03:15:13]
Church: What can people do, can you advise those who don\'t have an air conditioner or fan to cool their bodies?
JAVAHERI: of course.
Because they\'re just talking about drinking water.
JAVAHERI: Yes. Absolutely.
I mean, you want to build some sort of flow in your home, so whether it\'s opening the front door and then sitting on the back of your house, next to the window, this way you can let the air flow, which will certainly help to cool down.
Of course, it is common sense to stay away from the sun, and in this case it is worth avoiding any form of alcohol and extreme outdoor exercise.
But, as you have mentioned, trying to stay somewhere will be universal here when you have the biggest power outage. Yes.
Barnett: Okay.
Pedram, thanks for the update.
Thank you very much.
Church: A deadly tornado has hit the Mexican border community.
Chaos was left in just six seconds.
At least 13 people were killed and 200 injured, the mayor said.
Barnett: Yes, the tornado flipped the car and damaged hundreds of houses, and you can see the consequences here.
In fact, rescuers are still searching for the houses to find victims.
The mayor said it was the first time the city had been hit by a tornado since it was founded more than 100 years ago.
Church: The storm system caused by a tornado also caused bad weather in neighboring Texas.
Barnett: five people in South Central America. S.
Die in the storm
We have more in Ed lavadala. (Start Video)
My God.
Man: it\'s right there.
Unidentified man: Stop, stop, stop.
He needs to go out.
Ed Rawanda, CNN correspondent (voice-over)
: One person was killed in central Texas and nearly 400 houses were washed away.
The floods cut off a winding destructive road, passing through the towns of Wembley and San Marcos, Texas.
Twelve people are believed to be missing.
They are part of a family reunion on Memorial Day weekend at a riverside house.
Search and rescue teams are pushing debris along the river bank for families including children.
Judge Bert Cobb, Hays County, Texas: We never had the wall of water that would collapse and cause damage with our wildest imagination.
Despite our efforts to inform the public and warn people to evacuate and take precautions, it came down very quickly and many people did not have time to do so.
David mamorlejo and his daughter Mary Jane are cleaning up the damage left by the wall of water.
They know it\'s lucky to live.
They woke up from their ankles.
The flood poured into their homes.
When they woke everyone up and walked out of the house, their knees were already deep.
Mary Jane mamolijo, a flood survivor: animals run around.
This is the most terrible thing I have ever seen.
I have never seen such a high water.
Within two to three minutes, the water flowed from the ankle to the knee.
They don\'t have time to catch their dog, Oreo.
But when they returned to the house after the flood receded, they found olioka on this tree, but still alive.
Unidentified men: we take care of each other.
Help each other. GOV. GREG ABBOTT (R)
Texas: For anyone who gets hurt throughout Texas in the next few days, we see continuous rainfall.
This is the relentless energy brought about by the tsunami. this wave of water can bring energy to people. (END VIDEOTAPE)
This is what Ed lavadala reported.
If you want to help flood victims, we have information on how you can do this on our website.
Just go to CNN. com/impact.
BARNETT: Millions of Nigerians may be relieved now.
The fuel strike seems to be coming to an end.
Next, listen to why some people think it might just be a quick solution.
Church: In addition, a terrible scene in the United States. S. beach.
An inflatable house was tumbling in the air and three children were injured. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified women: the children flew out and hit the ground, it flew in the air, knocked all these things down, and continued.
Go ahead.
Unidentified woman: it is raised high by palm trees.
Next you will see the children flying out of the bounce house.
The girl hit the floor.
The boy hit the floor. (END VIDEO CLIP)[03:19:13](
Business break)
Barnett: an Iranian-American journalist\'s espionage trial for the Washington Post is currently underway in Tehran.
According to media reports, the trial of Jason Rezaian was accompanied by counsel and translators appointed by his court. No family.
Church: Rezaian is accused of sending a message to a hostile government.
He and his wife were arrested on July.
His wife was released.
But he has been in custody for more than 300 days now.
The Washington Post denied the allegations and said it was the first time Rezaian has appeared in court since he was detained. The U. S.
The charges are absurd.
The fuel crisis in Nigeria is likely to end soon.
It seems that an agreement has been reached between the government and fuel suppliers.
Church: the fuel company said Nigeria did not pay them so they stopped supplying the country.
Christian puerfoy and some locals talked about the impact of the strike on them. (Start Video)
CNN correspondent CHRISTIAN puerfoy: The fuel shortage in Nigeria now seems to be over, as tankers begin to ship fuel, gasoline and diesel to gas stations across the country.
The move came after trade unions and fuel importers canceled a strike on fuel imports.
The strike stalled Nigeria\'s economy.
Many local flights have been suspended.
Mobile operators have been unable to operate their business normally.
The bank was closed long ago.
It is much more expensive for people to just go back and forth from work because there is no gas to fill up their cars.
As you can see behind me, people have already started queuing up to take their hands and fill their tank with this petrol.
But they are not satisfied with the situation.
M: The fuel crisis is unfortunate because Nigeria is the largest oil producer.
We should not feel the situation we are in now. [03:25:09]
Woman: It\'s never been so bad.
Never been so bad.
It is annoying.
You can\'t do anything without fuel.
I can\'t draw water in the morning. I couldn\'t --I couldn\'t (INAUDIBLE).
In fact, transportation from my home to work is hell.
This is a shame for the country. Honestly. Very shameful.
These fuel shortages have exposed the failure of Nigeria\'s fuel subsidy import program.
The country now has gasoline and diesel.
But this is just a short-term solution.
Their long-term problems have not yet been solved.
Lagos, Nigeria, CNN(END VIDEOTAPE)
Church: Prime Minister Narendra Modi took office in his first year.
He performed a performance.
Stop campaigning to reform India\'s economy.
CNN\'s Sumnima Udas learned more about his achievements in the first year. (Start Video)
Sumnima udas (CNN reporter (voice-over)
If a world leader appeared in public awareness in 2014, it would be Narendra Modi. From a sold-
At a reception at Madison Square Garden in New York, the Indian premiere was welcomed in China as never before.
Over the past 365 days, 50 people have traveled to 18 countries.
Modi embraced them.
Senior reporter Shehar Gupta: people have high hopes for him.
To me, frankly, no one can completely change the economy in a year.
India is a giant.
This is a huge machine, and the wheels rattle.
In fact, millions and billions of people must move forward.
Can\'t do it alone.
Udas: few people can deny that the economy has improved.
Stocks soared.
Inflation has declined.
A large part of this is due to the collapse in global oil prices.
But India will still overtake China as the fastest growing major economy this year.
Still, even his biggest supporter, the Indian company, is starting to hear complaints.
They say he is not acting fast enough on labor and tax reform.
Investor sentiment is also cooling.
So perhaps his biggest deficiency, many have criticized Modi for not taking enough measures to stop the forced religious conversion of his own Hindu Kuomintang members and ally groups and to counter it
Minority statement in Parliament. GUPTA: (INAUDIBLE)
Diversity is India\'s biggest advantage. I wish he --
He paid more attention to this.
In such a diversified society, you must reach the ethnic minorities.
Give them a good reason to be together.
Udas: Modi does say his government will ensure freedom of faith.
This is just one of many problems. (On camera)
: It\'s always a challenge to turn around big countries and diverse countries like India in a year.
But political observers say that in order to maintain optimism and momentum and to achieve real change, Modi needs to do more as soon as possible.
CNN, sunima Udas, New Delhi. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Church: Some AmericaS.
To stop the controversial espionage program, politicians are breaking in.
The details to be released by the Senate are shocking.
BARNETT: plus an exclusive look at the luxury lifestyle of the North Korean elite.
Millions more are living in poverty and hunger. (
Start Video Editing)
Will ripley, cnn correspondent: how is this compared to the home of some of your friends and family?
Unidentified male (
By translation)
This is much better. (END VIDEO CLIP)(
Business break)[03:32:16]
Church: welcome back warmly.
You\'re watching CNN.
This is Rosemary Church.
I\'m Errol Barnett.
Let\'s let you know our headlines now.
CNN has just received some new information.
Iraqi state television said the operation to liberate Anbar province had begun, although it did not specifically mention Ramadi.
ISIS has been in the provincial capital for more than a week.
Ahead of the expected attack, Islamist militants are now reinforcements.
Church: after a fire in a nursing home in central China, burnt rubble and twisted metal remain.
Authorities say 38 people were killed and six injured in the fire.
Two of them were seriously injured.
The Chinese president is now calling for an investigation.
BARNETT: Indian officials now report that more than 760 people have been killed in two states due to a severe heat wave.
Experts say high temperatures, high humidity and lack of water are responsible for the increase in deaths.
The government provides rescue vehicles across India, water and buttermilk to keep residents cool and hydrated.
Church: It took only six seconds for the tornado to hit the Mexican border community and left a huge amount of damage behind.
The mayor said at least 13 people were killed and 200 injured.
The tornado caused the car to fly and damaged hundreds of houses.
The army wants to search for the missing.
Barnett: and America. S.
Cleveland will push forward the reforms agreed by its police department.
After a report from the 2014 Justice Department found the Cleveland police model of excessive use of force and violation of civil rights, a reform plan was developed.
These changes include the supervision of the police sector by the courts over the years.
Church: The next step in reform is after the acquittal of a police officer accused of killing two unarmed AfricansAmericans.
Cleveland police are also under pressure to explain the death of a 12 person. year-
On last November, a young boy was shot and killed by another policeman waving a shotgun in the park.
Barnett: Officials in the United States nowS.
Nevada says it launched a murder investigation into the death of blues legend B. B. King.
But the coroner has now performed an autopsy on the musician\'s body and says there is nothing to suggest so far.
It will also take two months for a toxicology test.
Church: It all happened after the king\'s two daughters said they believed he was poisoned by two close assistants. The 89-year-
Two weeks ago, the old musician died in Las Vegas.
His doctor said he had a series of strokes.
The King\'s funeral is scheduled for Saturday. [03:35:01]
The United States is investigating at least 10 threats to the aircraft on Monday.
Of course, it\'s a busy day after the Memorial Day weekend.
Barnett: That\'s right.
After the phone threat, fighter jets escorted the Air France plane from Paris to JFK Airport in New York.
Nothing found.
The authorities said the threat on Monday did not seem credible, but it must be investigated.
The government is only a few days away from losing a weapon in the war on terror.
According to the Patriot Act, several controversial espionage projects will expire in June 1.
BARNETT: as White House reporter Michelle Kosinski explains, some politicians are breaking with the rest of their own party and are willing to give up those measures. (Start Video)
CNN White House reporter Michelle cochinski (voice-over)
On this Memorial Day, the president paid tribute to the dead.
At the same time as ISIS occupied positions overseas
In Washington, new questions about how to protect America\'s security.
Part of the Patriot Act is about to expire for only six days. SEN.
Mitch McConnell (R)
Majority Leader: this is a period of high threat,-
We know what happened overseas.
We know what we tried at home.
My colleagues, do we really want this law to expire?
Cochinski: many Senate Republicans have been arguing this weekend, especially with the large amount of American telephone data collection that started secretly after September 11, which is still necessary and should continue.
But the move even shocked his own party, Rand Paul, the Republican presidential contender, who struggled to win a second term in every attempt and refused to give in. SEN. RAND PAUL (R)
Presidential candidate: this is a debate about whether it is possible to collect all the records with the name of a company, and all the phone records of all the people in our country have only one search warrant.
Our ancestors will be surprised.
Cochinski: This view has received the attention of a Senate colleague who will soon become the Republican presidential candidate Lindsay Graham.
Opponents of the massive collection of telephone data argue that this is even unnecessary.
Governments can and should obtain authorization for specific information when they need it.
The White House agreed.
But June 1 is not just a matter of phone data.
When a person keeps switching mobile phones, the government is also unable to easily collect business records, conduct patrol bugging, or pay close attention to potential lone wolves who are not necessarily linked to identified terrorist organizations. (END VIDEOTAPE)
There\'s Michelle cochinski.
Later today, Charter Communications is the third largest online television provider in the United States. S.
The purchase time is expected to be announced-
Warner Cable and Bright home network.
Now, if regulators approve the deal, Charter\'s number of cable and Internet service users will double to 34 million.
Warner Cable is the second largest cable supplier in the United States. S.
It used to be part of CNN\'s parent company time.
Warner, but they split up in 2009.
According to Bloomberg, Charter intends to pay $195 per share. Warner Cable.
Barnett: Chile is now considered the world\'s most restrictiveabortion laws.
Church: Next is why the president of the country is trying to change it and how to use the viral video in the campaign.
We will be back in a moment. (
Business break)[03:41:48]
Barnett: there are millions of dollars worth of new attractions in the North Korean capital.
You can find everything from a large water park to a luxury apartment.
Church: Yes, they are luxury goods that Pyongyang\'s elite got from Kim Jong Un. Un\'s regime.
Our Will Ripley saw some of them exclusively. (Start Video)
Will Ripley, CNN correspondent (voice-over)
: The North Koreans brought us here to show us their dolphins, but the audience really caught our attention.
This is the kind of unscripted sentiment we rarely see in North Korea.
End of government propaganda programthe-
High praise for the supreme leader.
But these smiles, these smiles are real.
Especially when our CNN photographers are pulled up.
This dolphin area is just a stop for our government guided sightseeing tour that shows all the benefits of the elite in Pyongyang.
Their lives are very different from the millions of North Koreans we are not allowed to see. they live in poor rural areas and take care of the fields with their hands.
Experts say there are half the hungry.
But when North Korea and its young leaders are willing, they will spend millions of dollars on vanity projects to build lavish facilities like this horse riding club.
There is no cost for this brandnew orphanage.
Children often get visits from Kim Jong Un.
They called him \"father\" but only half of the orphanage was empty.
Most North Koreans in the capital live in a government-designated monotonous residential area.
We only saw the latest and best neighborhoods, such as these apartments for elite North Korean scientists.
They even have their own resorts.
The government is prepared to spend huge sums to reward key personnel. (On camera)
You\'re right there. (Voice-over)
: More special treatment for those who train the elite.
Senior professors at Pyongyang\'s most prestigious universities can get these luxury apartments for free. (On camera)
: How is this compared to the home of some of your friends and family?
Unidentified male (
By translation)
This is much better. RIPLEY (voice-over)
: But even the best homes need solar panels and need backup power when there is a frequent power outage.
We also visited the Supreme Leader\'s luxurious new water park, a gift for his people, featuring life
Statue of his late father Kim Jong Un
Must be respected like religious works of art. (On camera)
: Everyone who enters the water park first pays tribute to the late leader Kim Jong Un
Il, who died in 2011(Voice-over)
Park visitors have nothing but praise.
Unidentified male (
By translation)
: I want more foreigners to come here because I want them to be drawn to the great personality of our supreme leader, Marshall Kim Jong Un --Un.
RIPLEY: these luxuries can only be found in the capital of display of the most trustworthy and loyal citizens, proudly showing the great national symbol of the struggle for millions of people, hidden outside the world.
CNN, Will Ripley, Pyongyang, North Korea. (END VIDEOTAPE)[03:45:04]
Church: Malaysian authorities have confirmed that the bodies found in 139 graves near the Thai border are migrants.
Malaysian police and border guards found the graves in camps believed to have been abandoned two weeks ago.
An autopsy will be performed to determine how immigrants died.
Barnett: Hundreds of migrants have arrived in Malaysia and Indonesia in recent weeks.
Last week, if the international community helped resettle refugees within a year, the two countries agreed to accept them.
Church: many women in Chile are sharing their stories about the horror of doctors who know they can\'t survive being forced to carry babies.
Barnett: The president of the country is trying to change a law that prohibits abortion under any circumstances, but she is facing incredible difficulties.
Rafael Romo explained.
We have to give you a warning here and some of his reports are disturbing. (Start Video)
Rafael Romo, CNN senior correspondent
Editor of Latin American Affairs (voice-over)
The video looks real.
A woman who speaks casually-held camera.
But information is by no means random.
The lady suggested that if you want an abortion, let yourself fall down the stairs.
It looks amateur, but the video was produced by an advertising company as part of the campaign to legalize abortion in Chile.
Leslie Nichols, Miles Chile: We hope this will happen this year.
But we are not sure yet.
Romo: Leslie Nichols belongs to Miles Chile, the organization behind the event.
Nichols: We\'re trying to show people that ridiculous decisions can be made in this case.
Romo: Chile is one of the few countries in the world where abortion is illegal under any circumstances.
Activists pointed out that the case like Andrea curoga. The 40-year-
Old said she had to extend her pregnancy until the sixth month of miscarriage, although the doctor determined that her child would not survive outside the uterus.
Andrea quiroga, mother denied abortion: I saw my child bleed from her eyes, nose, mouth and ears.
This is inhuman.
This should not happen.
I have a baby and I know my baby girl is dead.
I mean, what\'s the point of doing all this? None.
At least for me.
Romo: Chile\'s president, Michelle Bachelet, is pushing for a bill that allows abortion where a fetus cannot survive, rape, or conceive outside the uterus that endangers the mother\'s life. (On camera)
: The president introduced the bill in the lower house of Chile\'s parliament in January, but the bill is currently stagnant in the proceedings.
Legalizing abortion is one of Michelle Bachelet\'s promises during her presidential campaign.
The president said she intended to deliver on her promise. (Voice-over)
: The bill was strongly opposed by conservative lawmakers like Jacqueline van ritherberg.
Jacqueline van RYSSELBERGHE, senator of Chile
By translation)
: In fact, I think women have the right to make decisions about their reproductive lives.
However, I believe that the right to make these decisions ends at the beginning of the right to life without giving birth.
Conservative lawmakers promised to fight the bill to the end.
But quiquiroga wants the bill to become law so that other women do not have to suffer the pain she has experienced.
Rafael Romo reports from Santiago, Chile. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Barnett: a day on the beach soon became a nightmare.
The mother of the two children can only watch when skyward is launched. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified woman: it is rising.
All the kids are inside.
Reporter: What did you think when you saw it?
Woman: I\'m scared.
I\'m scared.
Oh, my God, I guess.
I can\'t believe it. (END VIDEO CLIP)(
Business break)[03:52:58]
Welcome back.
An Iranian-American journalist\'s espionage trial at The Washington Post ended in Tehran.
According to official media reports, the first meeting of the trial of Jason resayan has just ended.
The report said he was accused of illegally collecting confidential information about Iran\'s domestic and foreign policies.
The date of the next session has not yet been announced.
Now, Rezaian and his wife were arrested as early as July.
She has been released, but he has been detained for more than 300 days.
The Washington Post denied the charges and said it was Rezaian\'s first appearance in court since he was detained. The U. S.
The charges are absurd.
Stephen Curry is the most valuable player of the American Basketball Association.
But this does not protect the Golden State Warriors from serious falls later on Monday.
Look at this.
Curry tried to stop the Houston Rockets from shooting. Boom.
Lost his place.
Flip his head almost on the floor.
He also stayed downstairs for nearly five minutes.
The doctor said he had a head injury.
Church: look at that.
But with this, in the third quarter, Curry went back to the floor and started playing again.
But he can\'t save time for his team.
The Rockets beat the Warriors in the playoffs, 128-115.
Barnett: that\'s not enough.
It looks like he fell on his shoulder.
Barnett: that\'s true.
But not how many times you fell. CHURCH: Yes.
Barnett: How many times have you come back.
Church: of course.
That\'s why he\'s the MVP.
Church: How did you fall-(LAUGHTER)
Church: Three children were injured in a water pipe in the United States. S.
Florida fired a resilient house into the air.
Incredible Photos
Almost incredible.
If you can\'t see it.
The bounce house should be a fun place for children to safely jump on top of the air cushion and walls.
But according to Andrew Spencer, the onlookers are scared. (Start Video)
Andrew Spencer, CNN correspondentvoice-over)
: On this beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, it\'s hard to see the water column going ashore, but it\'s not hard to see the power behind it.
In this mobile video you can see the wind tearing the bounce house apart from the moored. [03:55:07]
Unidentified woman: it just lifts the bounce house, spins it, and spins it in the sky.
Woman: I\'m scared.
Oh, my God, I guess.
I can\'t believe it.
Spencer: Friends and family can only watch when the kids in the bounce house are taken away.
Unidentified woman: it is raised high by palm trees.
Next you will see the children flying out of the bounce house.
Unidentified woman: children begin to fly out of the ground.
Then fly in the air.
Knocked all these things over.
And continue.
Go ahead.
Spencer: Three children were lifted up into the sky.
Then the ambulance will take them to a nearby hospital.
This is Andrew Spencer. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Barnett: it is reported that American actor Johnny Depp has left Australia because of a prison threat to his dog.
This is a bizarre story.
The \"Pirates of the Caribbean\" actor and his wife took a private jet on Monday night.
Depp has not been charged with anything so far.
Church: but Australian government officials say if the movie star was convicted earlier this month of smuggling two Yorkshire hounds into Australia, he could face up to 10 years in prison and a hefty fine.
His publicist said he left the country to go home for his daughter\'s birthday.
This, of course, must be said.
I come from Australia in Australia. BARNETT: Yes.
Church: they are very serious about isolating dogs and they say it is unacceptable.
Barnett: they want to make a point.
They sent a clear message. Yes. Absolutely.
Thank you for watching CNN Newsroom.
We are now answering some of your questions in periscope.
I\'m Errol Barnett.
This is Rosemary Church.
Be sure to be with us.
For our audience in the US, \"Start Ahead\" is the next goal.
For others, this is the CNN newsroom.
Have a good day. (
Business break)
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