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Commercial Inflatable Rotating Arm Sweeper Wipeout Game Jump


Popular Inflatable Rotating Arm Sweeper

Life needs rainbow light, kids desire colorful childhood. Life thrives on motion,

exercise leads to fitness, persistence in working out brings victory!

                                                   Look, kids are like happy deer, freely playing.

                           With the electric spinner, they spin and jump, having fun while exercising.

In open outdoor areas, adults and children can play freely together!

Different color selection    Welcome to customize more styles

Inflatable rotating arm sweeping game jumping is a large-scale obstacle race game. 

Its characteristic is to swing and rotate the arm, challenging balance and coordination. 

Players need to jump over or squat to avoid being swept away. 

The inflatable design is safe and portable.

Look, the active figures of the children

                                                             are like a happy elf playing a song of health.

Contact us and bring happiness home

      Taking active exercise brings many benefits to students, such as promoting bone growth and development, regulating physiological and psychological states, establishing healthy values and self-confidence, and cultivating a positive and upward attitude towards life.

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