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cool runnings! lucky dog runs through an obstacle course made of snow by his loving owner in canada

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-17
The lucky dog has a lovely host.
Leonard, Calgary, Canada, built a complete obstacle course by his human beings in his backyard.
His master used the city\'s recent accumulation of snow to create a series of jumps, tunnels and curves.
The first movement of Lenas was to jump, and he jumped down gracefully.
Next is a very dangerous tunnel with a curve.
But Lenas ran through no snow tunnel.
The course ends with four sharp turns, one of which seems to be another tunnel.
Leonard completed the obstacle course in 13 seconds.
Then he rushed in front of his master, wagging his tail, and so on.
The puppy jumped up on its hind legs and gave the owner a warm greeting.
Accuweather said that since Sunday, the temperature in Alberta has been-
13 degrees Fahrenheit (-
25 degrees Celsius)
35 degrees Fahrenheit (
2 degrees Celsius).
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