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coolest canadian water parks to take the kids to this summer

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-15
The parks are fun for the whole family.
The school is on holiday, which means the summer officially begins!
Why not plan a family trip to some of Canada\'s coolest water parks to get them excited before your kids start complaining about their boredom? Big White north is home to many awesome water parks filled with waterslides and lazy undersides, and we have sorted out the nine best in Canada.
Find the one closest to you and start planning an unforgettable summer trip for the whole family.
It makes sense that Canada\'s largest theme water park will be located in the country\'s capital.
Opened in 2010, which is 100-
Kerry Park offers not only 35 waterslides (
One of them is the tallest water tower in North America! )
It is also Canada\'s largest wave pool with an area of 52,000 square meters. square-feet!
Other attractions include a lazy river, raft rides, and a water park suitable for children of all ages.
For more information, please visit here.
This is one of the best water parks in Winnipeg with lots of fun for children of all ages.
Children can slide down the charming river with friends, slide down the fast cherry bomb alone, or head into the fully covered waterslide.
The water park also includes many other outdoor activities, such as bumper boats and mini water parks.
Golf and boat tours.
There is even a hot tub for adults to relax.
For more information, please visit here.
Lake Kaltes Park is about 90 minutes from Vancouver but worth a visit!
With more than 15 attractions, everyone has something including free fall slides for bold teens, classic tongue twister slides for young riders, and Pirate Bay play area for babies and toddlers.
Also, when the children (or you)
Have played enough, you can relax in the lazy river and immerse yourself in the beautiful BC. landscape.
For more information, please visit here.
This unique Amazon region
The theme water park is part of the Granby Zoo in Quebec.
This water park is decorated in an atmosphere of palm trees and beaches, including family-
Friendly waterslide and heated wave pool, as well as a lazy river full of interactive games.
But by far, the best sights must be the hideout of Captain Long, where children can play in a pool full of foam and foam!
For more information, please visit here.
The most wonderful water park is Cannonbowl-
A big bowl full of rapids that will soak you wet when you ride around and spit you out.
Don\'t be afraid if this attraction doesn\'t appeal to you.
The park also features a Turtle Bay play area for young children, three children\'s slides and a large splash pool.
For more information, please visit here.
While Magic Mountain has children\'s rides, such as children\'s slides and splash mats, its large rides will certainly meet the needs of the stimulus --seekers.
The most exciting journey in the park so far is Skybox Drop Capsule, a place where trap doors suddenly open and put you on the slide.
There is also the tornado tube slide that will let you drop along the dark route on the raft, as well as the Kamikaze slide, a slide that drops almost vertically.
For more information, please visit here.
Although the water park is indoors, we guarantee that your family will be happy!
Located in the famous West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, this water park has the largest indoor wave pool in the world.
It also features 21 slides of all ages, bungee jumping and hot tub.
For more information, please visit here.
The best thing about this water park is that it is absolutely free!
This means that when your little one gets restless this summer, you can put on a swimsuit for them, put on sunscreen for them and take them to this water park where they will be taken up a few
While the park has only two slides, many of its sprinklers and fountains will certainly keep your kids busy.
For more information, please visit here.
Located in Canada\'s Wonderland, Splash Works Water Park is one of the best water parks.
This means that family members who don\'t like to get wet and wild can also enjoy the day.
Not only does Splash Works have one of Canada\'s largest wave pools, it also has five slides, a lazy river and a Splash playground for small tots.
For more information, please visit here.
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