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Copywriting Makeover: Itx92s Not About YOU, Itx92s About THEM

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-29
Karon Saxton©I always like scented candles.
Create a comfortable atmosphere.
It gives you a feeling of ease. And -
The most important thing isthey make your. . .
Karon Saxton©I always like scented candles.
Create a comfortable atmosphere.
It gives you a feeling of ease. And -
The most important thing is
They make your home smell great!
So, naturally, I was excited when I was invited to rewrite the index (home page) page for an online retailer that made specialty soy scented candles.
The goal of copywriting rewrites is to increase sales and improve search engine positioning of terms such as \"Soy Candles\" and \"scented candles.
Some work is definitely needed for this copy.
It\'s not a bad thing, but there\'s one major thing that prevents it.
Copywriting violates one of the main rules of copywriting.
It\'s not your problem, it\'s their problem.
Another problem is that this information
Of course necessary.
More like a list of nuts and bolts.
To feel good about the candles sold, this requires a push.
As you can see from the original version of the issue, the copy is either focused on the company or on the candle.
This copy pays little attention to customers.
The other element in the copy is the lack of an experience with the VPs.
Site owner Dan Fehn has some wonderful research data on scented candle buyers, but he is not aware of including this information when writing.
Finally, although the search engine ranking in bright times is quite good, there is still room for improvement.
The data I received included the following information from the National Candle Association.
Candle Industry research shows that the most important factors affecting candle sales are fragrance, color, cost and shape.
Fragrance is the most important feature so far, with three
Four candle buyers said it was \"very important\" or \"very important\" when they chose candles for their families.
According to a survey by candle manufacturers, 96% of the purchased candles were purchased by women.
Nine out of ten candle users said they used candles to make the room comfortable.
This is the basis for the change of copywriting.
As a scented candle lover, I know that women want candles.
I understand the candle buying experience and use this knowledge to make copies of the site visitors, increasing the desire to buy.
The search engine optimization (SEO) aspect of the copy comes easily.
When I create a copy, the terms of the scented candle holder and soybean candle holder flow naturally, so my main goal is to use these phrases (such as titles and sub-phrases) in power positionsheads).
I also place them as much as I can without making the copy sound stiff or forced.
You can check the rewrite of the new copy here (as you can see, the new version immediately starts to attract visitors to the website.
Everything She Wants from scented candles is in front of her, something she may not know she wants.
I immediately outlined the advantages of soy candles and started to have an interest in soy candles (relative to the traditional candles in the store ).
From there I play on the scent (which is the most important feature, according to the National Candle Association ).
I showed the customers around their home.
Light the candles for a special dinner, enjoy the glow when they snuggle up with a good book, and have the unmistakable fragrance that only soy candles offer.
The last keyword
List of rich benefits of soy candles over traditional candles and emotional phones-to-
A copy of the action was completed.
I think the result of the copywriting transformation is best stated by Dan himself. \\\"Thank you!
Even before the holidays, sales increased and my ranking improved.
Now, I\'m number one in the term \"soy candle\" (previously ranked fourth), and I\'m number seven in \"scented candle. . .
Huge jump from the 17 th!
\\ \"So, as you can see, taking your attention away from the product or the company and putting your attention where it should be (on the customer) makes a huge difference.
Sales naturally increase when a customer feels that he/she is the reason for your existence.
Now take the time to review your copy.
Focus on it companies?
If so, learning to write specifically for your clients can turn your sales around almost immediately.
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