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council bans bouncy castles after girl\'s death

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-06
A commission banned inflatable castles and inflatable devices on its land after three people died. year-old girl.
Havant Borough Council in Hampshire announced the news after the death of the three, and when the three died, the inflatable trampoline she was playing on Norfolk beach seemed to have exploded.
Havant did not record similar incidents, but a council spokesman said the authority would ban the use of inflatable castles until the cause of the incident was known.
\"It has been decided that before determining the cause of the explosion of the inflatable castle, so that the risk can be properly managed by the event organizer, the spokesman said: \"Havant Borough Council will not allow the use of inflatable castles or inflatable devices in any event that occurs on its land. \". Ava-
According to witnesses, May was the only one on the trampoline who made a loud noise.
The police don\'t know the reason for the apparent explosion that happened in gorerston.
They said they were investigating.
A month ago, two playground workers were charged with the death of Grant in the summer, and seven died in an inflatable castle.
During the summer, Conservative MP Robert Haverton from Essex Harlow wanted politicians to consider a temporary ban.
\"After two terrible tragedies, the government needs to look at Updates to regulations and inspection systems and consider temporarily banning inflatable castles in public areas until we can make sure they are safe,
However, his request for an urgent issue in Parliament was rejected. Ava-
Mei\'s family paid tribute to her daughter\'s \"infectious smile and smile.
\"She\'s not your average little girl because anyone she meets will make a lasting impression on her,\" they said . \".
\"Anyone who meets her does not want to forget her.
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