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couple holds out hope for missing bounce house

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-04
Michelle Apel hopes to solve a mystery in Alaska with a colorful past.
She wants someone to help her find a Anchorage customer who rented a king. size, kids-
Only jumped out of her in 2012.
Then bounce back with it.
Appel and her husband Adam own Alaska Entertainment, an inflatable game rental company.
Two years ago, Appel said, they bought a \"big bodyguard\" for $4,000, an inflatable structure 25 feet wide, 20 feet deep and about 15 feet high, decorated with primary colors.
\"It\'s just a monster,\" she said on Thursday . \".
Anchorage Daily News reported that on June 30, 2012, a woman paid $400 by credit card and rented a big bodyguard and a generator for a day, which was only used several times (reported.
Police reported that the bounce house was prepared for a boy named Andre, who was 5 years old and \"got together with his best 30 friends\" at Dave Ross Park \".
In addition to large bounces and generators, Appel provides tents, tarpaulins and foam mats.
\"I gave her a good deal,\" she said . \".
In July 7, two women restored the discouraged structure to three.
5 feet in diameter and 5 feet in height.
It should be back at 8 in the evening. m.
But it never arrived.
The appellee tracked the customer to her house.
No one opened the door and the neighbors said the residents had just moved out or been deported.
The two distributed leaflets in the park with a photo of the bounce house. No luck.
The woman who rented the house canceled her credit card.
\"She has taken a lot of effort to not have to deal with this issue,\" said Michelle apole . \".
She said the loss of bounce houses, generators and other items was nearly $7,000.
Adam Appell\'s theory of disappearance is that the big bouncer was destroyed at the party and no one wanted to take responsibility.
Michelle Apel said it was the only time since her mother started doing business in 1991 that the customer did not return the rent.
_ Information from: AnchorAlaska)
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