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CS reality game obstacle blocks the danger


Outdoor expansion challenges, CS attack and defense, and fun activities bring fun to the game


Obstacle cover in real person CS attack and bunker

In live CS activities, inflatable bunker refers to objects or structures that provide protection and concealment for players. It is an essential element in the game as it allows players to take cover, avoid enemy fire, and gain a strategic advantage. 


The Role of Cover in Live CS Activities



By taking cover behind objects or structures, players can reduce the chances of being hit by enemy fire. This increases their chances of survival and allows them to stay in the game longer.

Strategic advantage

Using cover, players can hide their presence from enemies, making it harder for them to be detected. This gives players the opportunity to surprise enemies or launch surprise attacks.

Strategic advantage

By placing themselves in a favorable position relative to cover, players can gain a strategic advantage. They can use this advantage to control key areas, defend objectives, or ambush enemies.


In live CS activities, players often work together to use cover effectively. This involves communicating with teammate, coordinating positions, and providing mutual support. Teamwork is crucial in maximizing the benefits of cover and achieving victory in the game.


 Various shapes of inflatable bunker


inflatable bunker plays a vital role in live CS activities. It provides protection, concealment, strategic advantage, and promotes teamwork among players. Understanding and effectivelyutilizing cover is a key skill in Live CS that can enhance a player's chances of survival and success in the game

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