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dangerous playgrounds are good for your kids

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-19
It\'s National Playground Safety Week, but I don\'t celebrate it.
In fact, I would like to propose a national dangerous week for the playground.
Don\'t get me wrong: I appreciate the safety of the playground.
As CEO of a national non-profit organization, more than 2,000 playgrounds have been built in 15 years, and I am pleased that we have taken some precautions.
For example, I\'m glad we laid the playground with engineering wood fiber instead of cement.
I am happy that we follow the guidelines for swing placement so that a child does not jump off the swing and hit the side of the building.
Nevertheless, as a country, we have considered the safety of the playground too far.
We crossed the line from common sense (
Do not place swings next to buildings)
\"What If?
\"We imagine every conceivable accident that could happen on the playground (
What if a finger is seen? saw? )
And try to prevent it. The result?
No ideas, no risks, no--yes --see-saws.
We all have the instinct to protect our children from harm.
It\'s never fun to see a child hurt, even if it\'s just a knee scratch.
But on the other hand, children need to take physical challenges to learn and grow, and knee bruises and other bumps and bruises teach them valuable lessons about their limits. When given age-
Appropriate challenges, children tend to take them very seriously;
In fact, the more obvious the risk is, the more cautious the child will be.
Adventure Playground is a good example.
While there are only a few of our paranoid and litigation societies, there are hundreds of people in Europe that offer children the opportunity to play with fire, use handsaws and sail in their 50 s. foot zip lines.
Dennis Brown, manager of California Berkeley Adventure Park (pictured right)
In an interview with NPR, we like to say that there is no hidden risk on the playground.
Even a little child walking in front of the playground gate can look around and discover that it is a different type of playground with sticks, boards, nails, stones and what they need to pay attention.
According to her experience, there is less damage on the adventure playground than the standard AmericanS. playgrounds.
In Kolle 37, an adventure playground in Berlin, where children can build their own three
There was a story fortress of wood and nails, the two children were broken, and a couple stepped on the nail in five years.
We don\'t evaluate our children enough.
No kids want to fall off a jungle gym or slide.
Accidents are unfortunate facts in life, but lowering each slide and jungle gym to a level where only toddlers will be interested will bring serious to our children
Our protective instincts and immediate finger pointing instincts actually hurt our children when an accident happens because they don\'t have the opportunity to take on critical challenges.
During the national playground Security cycle, I will celebrate the common --sense safety.
I will also celebrate knee peeling and elbow injuries.
I will celebrate.
Called \"dangerous\" playground-
Playground with see
Saw, zip line and towering slides.
But I won\'t say that. called injury-
Evidence and litigation
Game equipment--
Because there is nothing to celebrate in the boring playground. Penny\'s photo (cc).
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