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designers of water slide that decapitated boy \'had no technical qualifications\'

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-03
The designer of a huge water slide beheaded a 10-year-
The prosecutor said that despite the lack of technical or engineering qualifications, the old boy continued the project.
After Caleb Schwab died on its Verrückt water slide in August 2016, criminal charges were filed against the Schlitterbahn Water Park in Kansas City.
Tyler Miles, the park\'s former director of operations, also faced manslaughter charges when a raft carrying boys and two women parachuted overhead into the pole.
The grand jury indictment, released on Friday, said German Verrückt was \"crazy\" and \"violated almost all aspects of industry safety standards \".
Park\'s court documents show
Owner Jeff Henry and chief designer John Sculley conceived the idea of building the world\'s tallest water slide under a \"momentary impulse\" in 2012.
They made a prototype for Verrückt, just 36 days after the first design of the rides, a professional amusement park design expert later told prosecutors that four should be taken
Team of engineers for three to six months.
Mr Henry and Mr Schooley did not have any formal qualifications in the design of the water slide and used the trialand-
The indictment stated that the wrong approach was to try to solve the problem of the raft airborne during the test.
\"Henry and Schooley lack the technical expertise to properly design complex rides like Verrückt,\" the indictment continues . \".
\"Neither of them has any technical or engineering certificates related to the design or safety of the rides.
\"If we really know how to do this and can do it easily, it\'s not that spectacular,\" Mr Schooley admits . \"
The prosecutor said that Mr. Myers, Mr. Henry and Mr. Schooley were both aware of the problem with the slide design, and that there were some people on the 51-metre slide.
A total of 11 people were injured, including during the period from operation on July 2014 to the onset of a fatal accident, spinal disc slipping, whiplash, toe breaking and tearing.
\"Evidence in the form of company emails, memos, blueprints, videos, photographs and witness statements, etc. , indicates that the rapid growth in the number of deaths and injuries of this child is foreseeable, the indictment also said the expected result.
\"Designers and operators of Verrückt know that Verrückt poses a substantial and unreasonable risk of death or serious physical injury.
Miles pleaded not guilty to these charges on Friday and was subsequently released on bail for $50,000 (€41,000).
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