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don\'t forget the travel pillow

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-29
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Travel pillows should be at the top of the packing list when traveling on holidays, business meetings or special occasions;
The last thing you want to endure is physical pain and exhaustion.
Whether you are traveling by plane, road or rail, using a pillow that you are personally comfortable and used to will make you feel fresh during and after your trip.
Travel pillows have different shapes, sizes, materials and covers, so it is essential to do a bit of research and find your wallet as a travel companion
Friendly, trouble-
Free and the ultimate comfort for you will be worth your time.
The first type of travel neck pillow is the inflatable model, which is the cheapest option for you, it offers some but has little support.
When you sit in your seat, the inflatable pillow is worn around your neck.
When you sleep, the pillow will help you keep your neck upright to avoid neck and shoulder pain while preventing you from lounging on the shoulders of the next passenger.
The biggest benefit of the inflatable device is the ability to deflate before and after travel, so that only a small storage space is required;
You can even put it in your wallet or briefcase!
This type is also great because you can control how much air you put in your pillow so you can control the hardness.
When purchasing an inflatable pillow, consider the model with a cotton or suede cover, as the vinyl material will become hot and sticky on your face.
The second is the contour pillow model, which can be considered a miniature version of the daily pillow in your bedroom.
This type can be used while you are sitting or sleeping sideways, or it can be placed on your head as a headrest or lower back, as a comfortable support when you travel, driving or working at your desk.
Similar to the inflatable type, the contour travel pillow prevents headaches, muscle soreness, and keeps the breathing airway open to minimize any or all snoring.
Since there are soft inserts inside the pillow, these models may be slightly more comfortable;
However, these are less supportive than inflatable toys in keeping the neck upright.
The third is a memory foam pillow made by NASA.
Materials for the \"space age\" were developed.
This type of pillow is quite expensive, as expected, but if you travel a lot or often have trouble falling asleep, memory foam pillows are really something worth investing in.
The memory foam neck pillow provides excellent comfort and support during the trip, and can even be used to replace the pillow in the bedroom.
These models are molds tailored to your body temperature, shape, and weight, so you can guarantee a perfect sleep.
By providing a straight line alignment between your neck and spine, these travel companions do their best to relieve tension in your neck, upper and lower back, and shoulders.
The material is very compressed so you don\'t need to go out and buy a bigger suitcase.
Next time you open your luggage or bag and consider your packing list carefully, don\'t forget the travel pillow!
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