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Dozens of kids sickened at Antioch water park

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-16
On Thursday afternoon, nearly 40 children were ill while swimming in the city.Run in the water park in Antioch, where excessive chlorine is apparently leaking into the water.The victim began vomiting after 2 p and felt burning in his eyes.m.Fire officials said the lifeguard quickly closed the park at Prewett Water Park when emergency workers arrived at the scene.17 victims were taken to a local hospital and hazardous materials staff in anti-Costa County were checking the facility --This is part of the City complex.Run the pool and water ski on the Lone Tree Road-Determine what\'s wrong.The remaining 17 children were taken away by their parents.\"The children are beginning to feel breathing difficulties, which seems to be related to some form of chemical, possibly chlorine,\" said the captain of the kangtra Costa county fire area .\".George Laing.He says these injuries don\'t seem to be life.Described as \"mild respiratory distress \".It will take a while to determine the cause, Laing said, but added, \"I can confirm this recently .\"...It may be possible for chlorine delivery related to the event.One of the victims told emergency workers that when the children were ill, she smelled a heavy chemical smell, like bleach in the water.
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