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eight children treated \'for potentially serious injuries\' after inflatable slide collapses at woking fireworks display

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-03
In a fireworks display, an inflatable slide collapsed and eight children were injured.
Southeast Coast ambulance service (SECAmb)
Nursing staff are treating people who are involved in the accident due to \"potentially serious\" injuries, said.
Crowds at the event at Woking Park were evacuated Saturday night, allowing air ambulances to land at the scene, surrey police said.
Since then, the children have been sent to multiple trauma centers in London, SECAmb added.
Woking Rotary Club, who organized the event, said it was \"shocked and painful\" by the incident \".
\"The park was cleaned up very effectively and emergency services still control the site,\" the club said in a statement on Twitter . \".
\"We focus on making sure we deal with casualties as best we can.
At this moment, we are with the children and their families.
\"The air ambulance just left the park with the last casualties.
Surrey Police are investigating the incident.
Police initially announced that a helicopter had fallen at the playground, but later clarified that the device was a \"huge inflatable slide \".
Anna Neil and her daughter, 10 and 6, are among the hundreds who evacuated from the park after the incident.
\"We saw all the blue lights and saw the air ambulance arriving and we all evacuated very calmly,\" she said.
Everyone was shocked.
AndyDatson, who also attended the exhibition, said he saw as many as 40 children playing on the slide.
\"If they fall from the top of the mountain, I would say at least 25 to 30 feet high,\" he added . \".
The fireworks show in the park was scheduled to take place around eight o\'clock P. M.
A spokesman for the health and safety department said government agencies were conducting a preliminary investigation into the incident.
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