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eight-year-old slides to death in sanand water park

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-14
Finnier Garland, eightyear-
The old child fell into 5.
Swimming Pool 5 feet deep through the water slide.
Finnier Garland, eightyear-
The old child drowned in the swimming pool at Goyal water park in Sanand.
Garange fell into 5.
Swimming Pool 5 feet deep through the water slide.
\"The child died because no one could see him slide down the water slide.
Sandip Indrekar, a relative of the victim, told reporters: \"There are neither lifeguards nor security guards on the scene . \".
Indrekar, a witness to the incident, said they were all at sea --
When Garange is lost from sight, the waves will appear.
\"A few minutes later, he was found dead in a nearby pool,\" he said . \"
According to other witnesses, all lifeguards in the water park are by the sea.
Wave area, but no one can monitor other swimming pools when an accident occurs.
\"The child left by his parents went down a nearby water slide without anyone noticing him,\" a police source said . \".
Relatives and water park authorities blamed each other for the death.
However, the incident has not yet been officially noticed by the police.
An official at Sanand police told DNA that the police had no record of the incident.
Authorities at Goyal Water Park said he was alive when the child was pulled out of the pool.
The lifeguard tried his best to save the boy.
But he was in a bad situation and had to be rushed to the Sanand Civil Hospital.
Garange has a brother Ronish and sister Vini.
His father, Vasu Garange, is a lawyer at the Metropolitan Court.
At about 2: 15 p. m. on Monday, family members were having a picnic with friends when the incident happened.
Once Fenil was declared dead, anger was fired at the water park staff.
The water park authorities then called the police to visit and control the situation.
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