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ex-bouncy castle salesman from london now chief executioner for isis

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-09
According to reports from the UK, a former inflatable castle salesman is now the main performer of ISIS. K.
The Londoner Siddhartha Dahl is from another Englishman, Mohammed Emwaz, who is known as Jihad John.
In late 2015, Emwazi was killed by a drone strike.
According to the Daily Mail, Dhar was also listed.
\"He is believed to have replaced ISIS\'s condemned man Mohammed Emwaz, also known as \'jihadist John, \'\" the United StatesS.
The Daily Mail reported that the state Department of the United States.
\"Dhar is considered a masked leader who appeared in a video of ISIS on January 2016 showing several prisoners accused of spying for the United States being executed by ISIS. K.
\"Dhar is a former Hindu who converted to Islam when he married his wife, Aisha.
He fled to Syria in 2014 after being arrested in the United States. K.
Suspected of belonging to Al-
Muhajiroun, a banned one.
He was released on bail.
He handed in his passport.
Travel is prohibited.
\"What a terrible security system the UK must have in order for me to arrive easily through Europe (ISIS)
He said on Twitter.
In the picture, he held his newborn son and AK. 47 rifle.
Before becoming the Death hand of ISIS, Dhar sold the popular inflatable castle at the children\'s birthday party.
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