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ex-water park executive charged in slide death of boy, 10

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-01
Roast chicken breast. —
A former executive of a water park company was charged with manslaughter on Friday, killing 10 people. year-
An old boy beheaded on a huge waterslide in Kansas water park.
29-year-old Taylor Austin Myers, former director of operations at the schlitterbarn water park and resort, pleaded not guilty in a brief appearance on Friday.
Taylor Austin Miles(
County Sheriff\'s Office)
He was the first person to be criminally charged in August.
The son of the Kansas Representative Caleb Schwab died 2016.
Scott Schwab is at schlitterbain water park in Kansas City, Kansas City.
He was on the raft with two women on the 17 th.
\"Verruckt\" waterslide-
Known as the highest waterslide in the world
When the raft was flying in the air, it hit a pole and a net, aiming to prevent passengers from being thrown out.
According to the Kansas City Star, Miles has also been charged with 12 aggravated battery crimes, 5 aggravated risk crimes for children and two disturbing law enforcement crimes.
Kansas defines manslaughter as reckless homicide.
His lawyer\'s request to reduce his security deposit from $15,000 to $50,000 was rejected.
The trial was scheduled for Thursday.
Schlitterbahn, based in Texas, said in a statement on Friday that \"it is very disappointing to learn that any individual has been personally prosecuted for verkt\'s horrific accident.
\"Our review of the facts and circumstances of the accident never shows any evidence of anyone\'s criminal conduct,\" said spokesman Winter Prosapio . \".
Scott Schwab and his lawyer Mike Reid did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Friday.
Myers\'s lawyer, Theresa bass, said at a hearing on Friday that Myers began working as a lifeguard from schlitterbarn and worked hard with the operations manager.
She said Schwab\'s death was a \"terrible tragedy \". ”Verruckt —
\"Crazy\" Germanincluded multi-
Make a raft of 17 people
The story drops at a speed of 70 miles per hour, followed by a spike in a hump and a speed drop of 50 miles
Down to the finishing pool.
When it opened in 2014, it was publicized nationwide.
The waterslide has been closed since Caleb\'s death.
Schlitterbahn says it will remove the car when the investigation into the boy\'s death is completed.
Caleb Schwab\'s family reached a settlement of nearly $20 million with Schlitterbahn and various companies related to the design and construction of the waterslide.
Two women who rode with Caleb were seriously injured and resolved the claim with Schlitterbahn in undisclosed amounts.
Before the boy died, Kansas law allowed the park to inspect the rides every year.
Last year, lawmakers almost unanimously passed stricter annual inspection requirements for amusement park rides, set qualifications for inspectors, and asked the park to report casualties to the state.
But just a few weeks later, lawmakers passed.
The Up Act postponed criminal penalties for driving a car without state permission until this year.
This year, the Senate and the House committee have approved a legislation to reduce regulation of \"limited use\" rides in activities such as county fairs and to exempt some recreational facilities, such as hay rides
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