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Fairground worker recalls pulling fatally injured 7-year-old from crashed bouncy castle

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-29
A seven-year-
An old man injured by an outsourcerof-
A playground worker in charge of the inflatable pulled out the castle to control the inflatable.
28-year-old playground worker William Thurston described the moment when he found a summer Grant in court today (April 24).
Thurston and his 25-year-old wife Shelby were both charged with manslaughter for dereliction of duty, as the vibrant castle was blown away by a gust of wind in the summer.
In March 26, 2016, the little girl was seriously injured when the circus Superdome rolled out in the Harlow Town Park.
DC Paul Kenney of Harlow\'s main crime office took to the podium the day after the incident and read out the accused\'s police interview.
William Thurston told police he heard a scream before he saw the inflatable lift rising from the ground.
\"I heard a scream,\" he said.
There may be ten people nearby.
I just heard someone screaming.
I looked at it and saw what was going on.
\"I just saw the front corner of the dome start to rise about 1 feet.
I ran towards it.
It passed through the caravan and disappeared from sight forever.
\"By this time, 15 people may be running.
\"It wasn\'t until we were running when someone called someone inside that I knew someone was inside.
At this point it goes straight, but the front corner is a bit raised.
\"After taking off, the inflatable dome landed about 300 below the mountain and hit a fence at a nearby pet corner.
\"It stopped at the bottom of the park,\" said William Thurston . \".
\"It\'s the right way, it still looks intact when I come over and what it should look like.
\"I opened the emergency exit and shouted inside.
I didn\'t get a response and saw a girl lying 6 feet from me.
My first reaction was to run in and catch her.
\"I brought her out and put her in a state of recovery.
She\'s breathing, blinking.
One minute or 30 seconds later, both the ambulance and the medical staff were there.
\"The couple told police they planned to remove the inflatable dome after seeing the weather get worse.
Shelby Thurston says she lets the summer from Norwich play a few more minutes at the inflatable castle.
When William Thurston began to deflate the larger inflatable slide, a gust of \"abnormal\" gusts blew the dome, sevenyear-
Old inside, gone
\"William said,\" Let\'s take this. the Dome]
Said Shelby Thurston.
\"I said we should do this. it\'s better to be safe than sorry.
I said, \"put that one down. the slide]
Let the girl finish her task in the last few minutes
\"There is no wind.
That\'s why I was so shocked.
It\'s like a tornado, and it comes out of nowhere.
It just came out of nowhere and took it away.
\"A gust of wind that came out of nowhere, I tried to catch it, and I thought it was just instinct.
Obviously it won\'t get caught, it just slipped away from me.
It slid to the caravan.
The trial continues.
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