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fallout intensifies over bergdahl trade as details emerge

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-09
This is a rush copy of the \"five\" in June 6, 2014.
This copy may not be in final form and may be updated.
Kimberly Gilfoyle
Host: Hello everyone.
I\'m Kimberly Gilfoyle and Bob Becker, Eric Bolin, Dana Perino, and Greg guffield.
Now it\'s 5 in New York City. This is \"five people \". \"(MUSIC)
Gilfoyle: The Impact of Sergeant Bao Bergdahl\'s prisoner deal has intensified as there are new details about the situation on the night of his disappearance.
The six platoon members of Bergdahl, who served with him in Afghanistan, expressed anger, sadness and anger at what they said about Bergdahl\'s intentional desertion five years ago.
Here they are exclusive in an open \"Kelly File. (
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Fox News host Megan Kelly: Raise your hand if you think he abandoned you? Wow.
We know he\'s gone.
We know he\'s trying to find the Taliban.
When I saw him, I said, wow, he looked good.
When we look for him outside, we look worse than that.
Unidentified men: I will do what I can, curse them, try to run away, wave them, try to steal a gun and shoot them.
I won\'t do publicity so my family can see me online.
Unidentified male: no matter what his agenda is trying to connect with the Taliban, explain to me how glorious it is. I mean --
Kelly: they seem to want to advance. date.
Unidentified male: I mean, it\'s literally spitting for all deployed people, come back--
Unidentified male: We are not there because it is easy.
We did a hard job there and that\'s what you signed up.
We all signed up by ourselves. We volunteered.
A draft was not passed.
There is no such thing.
Unidentified male: He does not look like a captive.
He seems to be a potential person to enjoy himself.
Kelly: What do you think when you see the president with his parents in the Rose Garden?
Unidentified male: very ugly. It was hard.
I had to leave the room.
Kelly: Raise your hand if you want to see him appear-
Did you see the trial? Wow. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Gilfoyle: Okay.
Well, you have.
This is the \"Kelly profile\" exclusively reported by Fox News Channel last night \".
But in politics and in government, there are people who would call them cheaters, saying they have loose ties to the truth.
Eric, the big problem here is because they are standing up and they have not been suppressed.
They were there to tell what happened and what they knew about the people who served with them.
Eric Bolin
Host: last night, that hour was one of the best TV I \'ve seen in a long time.
There are six heroes and heroes here. They serve together. -
One of them was the platoon leader of Bergdahl, who made it clear, yes, bring him back and try him out.
Find out exactly what happened.
From today\'s interview. -
Some of the new pieces that appear today, one of the five Taliban or five Obama, whatever you call them, the person we trade for Bergdahl, who says he will fight the Americans again
He was not done in the jihad against Americans.
This is one thing.
Another message I am posting now is that it is taken for granted that there is no unnamed source, so rest assured that Obama\'s senior advisor said to President Obama that I would advise him not to do the deal, because it would be like sending five four-
General star is back.
\"This is how it looks.
This is the same situation.
So the bottom line is there are a lot of problems around what\'s going on.
I think everyone agreed to get that guy back.
Make sure you know what\'s going on.
Got information from him.
Gilfoyle: Justice for delay should not be denied here.
But Dana, tell me through optical communication with here, because you think the White House will expect you to have soldiers stand up like this to tell the story, talk openly and frequently about what happened at that time? Dana Perino
Moderator: It\'s hard to imagine that they won\'t, but they don\'t seem to have, because one thing I think they can do is reach out to these families or these soldiers at the same time and be able to say, look, he will be back.
I think the reason all of them came up with a public speech is that the president decided to try to portray the story of Bergdahl as a hero and--
At the end of the sentence.
No questions were answered about his disappearance or about the rescue.
James Clapper was there yesterday. -
When asked about Bergdahl\'s health and the urgency to get him back, he reportedly said at the hearing that Intel would not support that.
So it\'s hard for me to imagine that the White House didn\'t expect many of these things.
I think if they make a decision, instead of holding a Rose Garden ceremony, to post a White House photo of the President contacting his family and Susan Rice, they might have a very different week, we will get all the answers instead of going to the show on Sunday and saying exactly what she said.
This is a difficult agreement for the United States.
We think it is right to do so.
We know people will disagree.
But we think this is the best for America.
They won\'t have the week they have.
Yes, it\'s an unnecessary frenzy for them.
Susan Rice said that things like this person are served with honor and honor, and there are so many facts and evidence coming out in the face of this situation.
This is a real credibility issue for this government. Greg?
Greg gutfeld, colleague
Host: I think you said too much.
Disgusting. These guys --
The condition of release is one-
They will also make their annual Muslim pilgrimage.
They will only pray.
I don\'t know what you\'re talking about.
I heard they might open a goat. only Arby\'s.
Oh, my God!
I think it\'s great.
But we all know-(CROSSTALK)
It\'s terrible.
Yes, you don\'t want to know.
Killing Americans is their skill.
We just sent five grenades to a water gun.
Very bad.
I have an idea though, five Taliban, those guys, they should have a TV show in Afghanistan, a round table to discuss today\'s issues, like head lice, befriend, gang rape, beheading
They may have a goat named Casper.
What do you think?
But it\'s crazy.
The goat of the Taliban, perfect, yes.
But I am open to that.
BOLLING: should each of them host a separate section? (CROSSTALK)
GUTFELD: Yes, you have one more beheading at the end of each show. (LAUGHTER)
Oh, my God!
Bob, in our team, this is not very suitable for you.
Oh, my God.
Perino: someone was beheaded on the show.
Yes, yes.
And a beheading.
The interesting thing is. One casualty. Bob? BOB BECKEL, CO-
Moderator: First of all, if I can comment on some of these things, I don\'t know anyone calling these people cheats as you suggested at the beginning, I really don\'t knowI mean --
Will you respond?
What does this have to do with Greg?
I mean, talk about the source of authority. But it\'s --
How about the New York Times, Bob?
If you can say it, the New York Times claims it\'s the fault of these people.
This is the fault of fact.
Yes, so we have--(CROSSTALK)
GUTFELD: So, is that a good source, I guess?
Gilfoyle: I want to bring it in, Bob can ---
Hold on for a second.
You came to me, Bob. (CROSSTALK)
Gilfoyle: Wait.
Eric, give me some time.
Stick to the New York Times editorial because we\'ll see if this will help Bob.
I don\'t think so.
For him, the progress was not very good in six minutes.
\"The urge to demonize Sergeant Bergdahl.
If there are any signs, the report shows that the lack of security and discipline in the Army is also the main reason for the disappearance.
This is what we mean.
Becker: Okay.
You can think it\'s their responsibility.
But let me say that--
The guy ran away twice and he left his base.
So, he has a history of doing that, right?
I\'m sure this is the official document of the military or the secret document of the military.
When you listened to these people last night and I had no reason to doubt their sincerity, they gave a clear statement that he was a deserter.
The platoon leader said he was a deserter.
When we started discussing this a few days ago, if you remember, it was sent around the person who was killed.
The first number from 6 to 9 to 14.
Because, unfortunately, this number is going backwards and I think the right thing to do is that there is not much indication that people die directly because they are trying to find him, because if that is the truth, he\'s not worth losing his life. What is this guy doing?
How did the Obama administration do that? -knowing --
I can\'t understand just knowing what the military has to know and how they can hold the Rose Garden ceremony. GUTFELD: True. But can I --
The matter in the New York Times is a bit infuriating.
They are a pig looking for truffles, except that truffles are a defense to any scandal involving Obama. The paper --
I mean, about losing the army. -
Compared with the Sherpas industry, the newspaper lost more employees.
This also reflects the media\'s \"cocoons\" that have made Obama vulnerable.
That\'s why--
He has a rose garden. GUTFELD: --
He had a rose garden thing because no one told him his mistake.
Without criticism from friends, you will become weak and incompetent, the only area in which Obama really grows.
Don\'t you think anyone will know about it?
I mean, don\'t you think so? GUTFELD: Yes. I think so.
Bolin? BOLLING: No!
Or they did, and they didn\'t care.
Yes, they don\'t care.
This is what Susan Rice said a week before the story happened, before the end of the deal.
We need to make some points on the board, she said.
I\'m not making this up.
That\'s what she said.
We need to make a few points on the board.
So, what happens within four days of quoting this sentence, they have won in this deal, they think they have made a point on the board, Bob, what they are doing is throwing the balloon up and everyone is saying are you kidding?
Are you against it, in another team, in the visitor team?
You said, everybody said, are you kidding? You\'re right.
That\'s what everyone said.
So, how is a group of people in the White House--
Gilfoyle: they don\'t understand.
BECKEL: they don\'t think this is going to be exposed, what is the background of this guy, the idea is not understandable to me.
Bob Lin: Bob, it\'s in Rolling Stone magazine in 2012.
I understand that. That makes it --
Goodfield: what Bob wants to say is that he is very surprised that such a capable White House will make such a mistake?
Gilfoyle: It\'s shocking. BECKEL: No.
This increases their incompetence.
This is the problem.
This is one thing after another.
But this time it happened, in a service--
BOLLING: there\'s some information we don\'t know-
BECKEL: I mean, in a way, they get together, they suck a bunch of drugs and convince each other that they get something positive out of it.
How can you make such a decision?
Perino: I think it\'s all going well because if you\'re an employee you go in and you know military intelligence and all the deputies and principles, the process of going through before the last thing is handed over to the President, the final decision must come from President Obama, not only the decision on the rescue, but also the decision on the Rose Garden ceremony.
You can imagine walking into the president\'s office and saying, sir.
President we have a good idea we don\'t have an answer to anything but we want you to go out and talk with Bergdahl\'s father for sure and he will speak Pashtun to his son from Rose Garden, then you can travel to Europe and we will make a point on the board.
The president of the United States did not say, you are sure this will--(CROSSTALK)
No, but they will say, we have an answer, sir.
President, here are some things.
We already know.
This guy left his base twice before.
There are signs that his platoon leader thinks he is a deserter.
If anyone tells Obama-
I mean, I think you and I are in line.
No, but the problem is, maybe these things are not a big deal.
For some mindset that abandonment is like taking sick leave, these things are no big deal.
Gilfoyle: that\'s it.
It has no same meaning.
I don\'t think they have a proper review of the situation.
I think his suggestion is too bad.
But it was his phone.
I think what they\'re worried about isA.
Now they have this. Great job.
This is not only sloppy, but also dangerous and reckless for other Americans.
And this, Susan Rice, the gift that has been giving. Roll it. (
Start Video Editing)
Susan Rice, National Security Advisor: I realize there is a lot of discussion and controversy around this, but I am referring to the fact that this is a young man, he volunteered to serve the country in uniform during the war.
This is a very glorious thing in itself. And --
But what about honor and honor?
Jim, really, this is a young man. We need to know about him.
Before he was proved guilty, he was as innocent as all Americans.
The military has promised to review the circumstances of his arrest, and if the resulting consequence is that it will be--
This will be delivered. (END VIDEO CLIP)GUILFOYLE: Wow. Greg?
GUTFELD: I like how angry she said to Jim that I was just repeating what you said, really, really, Jim?
By the way, according to her standards of honor and honor, you can say the same to Chelsea Manning and Benedict Arnold.
According to this standard.
Yes, according to this standard. Dana?
Perino: Well, I think--
Interestingly, she never seemed to take any responsibility for what she said to her, and after she said something, she asked for patience.
It was very easy for her to add a little qualification at the beginning of the sentence on last Sunday, so as to avoid their whole problem.
But I think they-
They decided to tell the story of a hero, they moved on, and now they have to face ---
Gilfoyle: Eric, the hero was from last night\'s Kelly\'s file, okay?
Because they made a good point.
Any glorious soldier knows that if you are taken away, you will put others, all the troops in danger and they will torture you-what do you do?
Any good soldier will take his Ka-
It\'s not taken away alive, as we all know.
That\'s how they work.
But don\'t you think they\'re saying that because they know he\'s a deserter?
The military knows he\'s a deserter. It\'s not worth sending anyone to him? (CROSSTALK)
Perino: They said they would die for him anyway.
Because you think they are stupid enough to believe they will get away with it.
Do you have any other explanation? Becker: I have--
I don\'t have all the evidence. BOLLING: Right.
So our conclusion is that they are so stupid.
There is no other explanation.
You don\'t.
Gilfoyle: You said the government attaches great importance to drugs.
Yes, but no one can be elected president twice. INAUDIBLE)
So stupid.
But if you have a willing media, a compliant media ---
Becker: but they are not so obedient.
I mean, you can\'t. -
Are you kidding? (CROSSTALK)
Perino: they need to bring the campaign back to the White House.
Gilfoyle: the Liberals in five people.
This is a liberal intervention. All right.
We want you to see the light.
This is an incompetent government.
Becker: I think--
I want to see all the facts before I decide to shoot myself.
This is true.
Oh, my God!
This is a good point of view.
I don\'t want you to shoot yourself.
People, you have it.
Consensus has been reached.
This is a Fox news alert on Friday. All right.
Don\'t go anywhere, because when we get back, we can sneak a peek at Hillary Clinton\'s new book and her revealing comments on issues like Syria, Benghazi, etc.
So, stay.
And then our Facebook was free. for-
You know what to do.
Send your question on Facebook now. com/TheFiveFNC.
There is more on the \"five.
\"Come back in a minute. (
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Perino: Okay.
Hillary Clinton has yet to officially announce her 2016 campaign at the White House, but she is already preparing for her new monument, the \"tough choice.
In the leaked footage, Clinton revealed her thoughts on various topics, including some interesting anecdotes about President Obama.
First of all, regarding their differences on the Syrian issue, she wrote, \"If we decide to start arming and training moderate Syrian rebels, I am fairly confident to return to Washington, we can coordinate effectively with our regional partners.
This is the president\'s call.
My position does not prevail.
\"Before the 2008 Democratic Convention, in her secret meeting with Obama, she wrote,\" We stared at each other like two teenage children, and had a few drinks on our first date.
Barack Obama has a long list of grievances with me and our staff, and it\'s time to clarify.
The first line of hope for failure is that I came out of the experience and realized that I no longer care so much about the reviewer\'s comments on me. \"All right.
You\'re a prolific writer, Greg. -
As you know Dana, I judge it based on the cover of a book.
The title of the book is \"difficult choices \".
\"I think this should be the title of Monica Lewinsky\'s book, or maybe not that hard.
But if you look at the \"hard choices\" it\'s gender-discriminatory because it means it\'s hard to do her job.
So we should let her relax.
Oh, it\'s too hard to work.
It should be called \"I\'m not him\" and the arrow points to Obama.
Or bill.
Or, Bill, yes. (LAUGHTER)
It\'s not them. It\'s the two of them.
Yes, that\'s right.
It could have been.
I\'m going to read you a quote because she commented on Bowie Bergdahl in an interview.
This is not in the book, but in the interview.
She said, \"I admit that, as I have acknowledged many times before, after so many years of war, it will be difficult for many Americans to open the door to negotiate with the Taliban.
\"I\'m sorry this is in the book, but it mentions this and we know that Intel, the defense community, we don\'t ---
I don\'t know if we know exactly if she\'s one of them.
She told the White House that she did not want him to be released for the five.
She wanted to catch them, too.
BOLLING: great when you take a step and mention her in the book.
I\'m glad she said that.
She admitted that.
I believe there are some comments on the record that she is not happy with some of the things that happened. About--
If you only have half a brain, you realize that if you\'re going to trade five highs-
The senior officers of the Taliban, give them back to someone, you will open a can of worms-is this banned?
Is the tin of worms banned?
I don\'t remember.
BOLLING: you\'re going to open up an opportunity for the Taliban to let more people know what\'s going on, and the Taliban said, we\'re going to take--
We will be very happy. We will enjoy it.
We will take a higher-Americans.
We need to bring more soldiers.
Our people are now at greater risk on the ground and in Afghanistan, any terrorist organization, anywhere in the world because of this trade.
This is incredible. Even Hillary Clinton can see it.
Surprisingly, the Obama administration just can\'t see that.
Because the trees can\'t see the forest?
Perino: Bob, you said about three months ago that you didn\'t think Hillary Clinton would decide to run for president.
Now that the book has been published, whether she wants to run or not, we all know that the book is about to be published.
Do you have any different feelings?
Have you changed your mind?
BECKEL: Well, one thing I read is that it sounds more like-in my opinion--
I want to solve all the problems that already exist, but that doesn\'t give me any confidence that she will run.
I don\'t fully believe she won\'t run.
But what do I imagine someone like her going through? -she knows --
Unless you \'ve run for this office before, you don\'t know at her age, how difficult it is to know that she will get the heat from all directions and let herself go through this difficulty again.
I\'m still not convinced.
I may be wrong now.
I mean, very few people think she\'s not. -
She\'s thinking about not doing it.
But having said that, I think she answered a lot of questions here.
She did not mention the fact that Greg pointed out Monica Lewinski\'s presentation (INAUDIBLE), by the way.
I think the most telling thing about this is that she did say her differences with Obama in many different places. And that --
This starts to show a certain distance. BECKEL: Yes. So, that\'s --
This may be a sign she\'s considering,--
Let me ask Kimberly this question.
According to the Washington Freedom lighthouse, two PR workers working for Hillary Clinton went to the New York Times. complained to the New York Times that she had received too much severe scrutiny at this point because she was still a citizen.
Do you think you can enjoy all the benefits of being a private citizen, but still flirting with campaign like that? GUILFOYLE: No.
She lost her personal identity a long time ago.
I think it seems a bit weak and immature, like, I don\'t want employees to go to the New York Times and say that.
\"It seems like you\'re not ready for prime time yet, if you have to have two news assistants to laugh at you being written or too focused on you.
You\'re making a book.
You are a public figure.
You married a former president.
How many scandals have you served as secretary of state?
Let me have a rest.
It shows that she is not ready yet.
Yes, I would like to comment on what Bob said.
I want her to run, I want Hillary to win because I have ---
I\'m meeting Bill at the White House.
I want to know how he wants to sneak a woman out.
Will he have an emergency inflatable slide that unfolds from the window when he comes in?
You saw the women flying out the window.
Then they complain to the New York Times. -
You know, I don\'t know if I\'m breaking some secrets because we all work here, so you have to tell me those secrets.
But there is an underground tunnel under Lafayette Park.
Oh, really? BECKEL: Yes.
I was wondering if this is the best way to get in and out.
Yes, that\'s probably the case.
Thank you for letting our enemies know your secrets.
I probably shouldn\'t have said that--
Perino: Now, they have to shut it down because of Bob. All right.
Next, Greg turned his focus to President Obama.
Under his leadership, is our country weak or strong?
We have new polls.
Later, it marked from D-Day.
World leaders and veterans pay tribute to the heroes who died in Normandy.
When the \"five\" come back, there will be more. (
Business break)
According to a Fox News poll, 55% of voters believe President Obama has weakened our country.
Including Dems of 22%.
Is this a bad thing?
Because this is really a language issue, the president may not do so.
We said weak, he said small.
In fact, the whole purpose of his term was to take Cadillac and turn it into Prius, moving from arrogance to apology.
The United States is really the biggest loser for the current government. -
A fat player who needs to lose weight in a reality show.
The problem is that our president mistake the muscles for fat.
Everything built over the last 70 years is considered slack and needs to shrink.
Our legacy needs Libo.
When we commemorate our D-70 anniversary
It is worth pointing out what these great men fight and sacrifice.
Don\'t fight and die for anything.
70 years ago, there were so many tools they brought us here.
What is replacing them?
Contempt for values such as honor, ridicule of basic traditions, obsession with cultural division.
A campus clown car full of American losershatred.
All of this is achieved by millions of brave souls who risk their lives.
Today, let\'s remember those winners whose bravery paved the way for modern contempt for the value they embody, who sacrificed to make it possible for willful amnesia patients to accept attempts
As someone in Colorado said, this Bud is for you. All right.
There\'s one, you know. -
There is a battle of Normandy today.
I looked at some, but this caught my attention.
This is the interpretation of the invasion of dance entertainment.
What do you think? Thoughts?
I think it\'s actually--
Interesting. Just finished reading about D-Day.
What comes to mind is that they have to get there by water. GUTFELD: Right.
Many amphibious landing boats did not do so and they got the tide wrong.
So they have to go through the water.
That\'s how many of them were killed.
But what surprised me most was the tip of the Hook, where they got into the car-
They threw the hook in front of the machine gun and went up. . . GUTFELD: Right. BECKEL: . . .
Pull yourself up.
90% of the casualties, but still rushed to the peak, broke through.
Normandy was a brave phone call.
I have to give--
Here you have to give Eisenhower a lot of honors.
There are many reasons not to go. GUTFELD: Yes.
Baker: Churchill didn\'t believe we could go in.
He wants to go through Italy and southern France.
I think this is just one of the great things.
The last thing I would say about this is that you have to give Canadians, who are a large part of it ---
They never got enough credit.
They suffered a great blow that day. GUTFELD: Yes.
Becker: they lost more troops than others.
Dana, I love this story.
I\'m not trying to impose it on you because I just read it. There\'s an 89-year-
Old people in England have escaped from nursing homes. They can\'t--
He\'s been missing for 12 hours.
They found him in Normandy with his comrades.
I like it.
I mean, that\'s the kind of person.
Perino: you see a lot too. -
Those parachuting resumed on the anniversary of this year, with someone holding them to make sure they were safe when they landed.
They want to go back and witness it.
I\'m glad we have so much here.
We need to make sure we take care of them better.
This is one thing I think my grandfather did. -
My grandfather and grandfather both participated in World War II, once in the Pacific Ocean and once in Europe.
When you talk about values, maybe the values that I have now, you know, at this point, they may be laughed at by half of the Americans, but I have learned these values from them, I am proud of it. GUTFELD: Yes. Eric, it\'s --
Has Grits been replaced by a complaint?
BOLLING: can I go back to the support rate of Obama you pointed out in your monologue?
You point out that by a decisive 20-percent-
Under President Obama, Americans think the country is weaker.
He also pointed out that the White House is not as capable as the previous two governments, but there is a glimmer of hope for all this.
Obama\'s support ratings in Yemen and Pakistan are soaring. GUTFELD: Yay.
Oh, my God. Yes.
Let me just say this.
It\'s incredible to me, and in the last few months, anyone\'s poll numbers are different from that. Inconceivable.
Guess what?
Because they made money.
They built them.
Becker: Well, I\'m just saying it\'s not weird for me, and it\'s going to change. It\'s --
This is just how do you do this and face things like this?
It\'s like having a candidate I \'ve ever had, found out in a week that he declared him gay;
Second, he was arrested seven times for drunk driving;
Three more. He harassed a little girl.
What should I do?
We lost 40 percentage points in the polls.
We won, but that\'s true. . . PERINO: . . . about you.
You have to search the story on Google, Bob, because I will remember.
Gilfoyle: it changes every time he tells it.
Becker: Well, the age of the girl. . . GUILFOYLE: Bob.
Gilfoyle: You see, I can\'t get enough when I see this and I look at the camera.
I ignored Bob and got him out there.
There are some great things. . .
Gilfoyle: When you think about it, I\'ll tell you that they struggle to get more beaches, so many Americans die and fight.
That\'s why all these stories and scandals are important because they live, they serve us, they die for our freedom.
So that\'s why when you see people like Bergdahl in a story, in a government, lack of respect for veterans, people get upset about this army and the country-sorry, Bob --the V. A. treatment.
We\'re better than that.
See who we are.
Look at the people who fought for us and died for us.
We owe them a gratitude and service.
But don\'t put all this on Obama.
Remember, the Reagan administration is negotiating with terrorists.
Oh, my God.
They did it. That\'s history. That\'s fact.
GUTFELD: can we keep an eye on the events we shot today?
Am I very stingy?
About explaining dance?
No, about gum.
Is President Obama chewing gum?
If Bush were chewing gum, people would tear him to pieces. Maybe it\'s --
It could be Nicolette. Who knows?
Perino: even if you forget that you have gum because you want to make sure you have fresh breath, you have to swallow it anyway.
Yes, that\'s right.
Perino: I don\'t care if it takes seven years for your shit.
Your mom said.
Remember the day I put it under the table in the board room? BOLLING: Right.
But you\'re not president in Washington. Day memorial.
Can someone tell him to lose the gum?
Perino: you don\'t. Every --
From being a father at Rose Garden in belidar to chewing gum in Normandy, I mean what I should do. . . (CROSSTALK)
You will say, \"spit it out in my hand. Give it to me.
Do you think it\'s so bad that he has gum?
I don\'t know.
That\'s why I asked.
Becker: I mean, will you be in his toilet paper next?
Gilfoyle: It\'s not our fault that he can\'t do anything right.
What are you going to do?
USA Today: he can\'t do it-
You know, you think you\'re going to get the word Pampers next.
Gilfoyle: put it under the podium like you did that time.
Becker: I still do.
We have to go.
They\'re yelling at me. Don\'t move.
Our free Facebookfor-Everyone, \"next. (
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Welcome back.
According to the needs of the public, this is \"Facebook Friday \".
\"We asked you to send the question.
Let\'s start answering this question right away.
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\"Kimberly, I know you like sausage and chicken.
How do you keep your figure?
Because these proteins are high. Right?
She is a lucky child.
Gilfoyle: like Atkins of Puerto Ricans. I love it.
Not working? GUILFOYLE: No.
But I mean, think about it.
You\'re walking around all the time and you\'re eating these things.
Not like pasta.
Bolin: Okay.
Bob, are you joining us?
Or are you going to read the newspaper?
I\'m just checking the score.
Pauline: Shirley B. Greg
\"Greg, what\'s your mom\'s favorite advice for you?
This is a good question because of me-
Jack, when his father was dying, he was asked some advice.
He said, \"Can you tell me what can make my life better?
\"So I think I will do the same?
So I asked my mom.
I said, \"Mom, you know, what should I do for the rest of my life?
\"Speak slowly,\" she said . \"I think--
I thought she meant
Like, \"What can I do ---
What can I do to make my life better?
\"Speak slowly on the show,\" she said . \"
\"I swear to God.
Always follow the advice.
Accept Jesus.
Pauline: here you are. Dana --
Adam H Dana
\"Dana, What songs do you like best to play as a country DJ?
\"PERINO: Well, I really don\'t remember the songs I liked playing at the time.
But I remember two of them. I was 2 a. m. to 6 a. m.
Billy Ray Cyrus\'s deadly broken heart is number one
I play a song every hour.
I \'ve been keeping it in my head for the past 20 years.
Or more.
What will you say now?
Perino: and then another problem is that we have to go get the bullets, pull them back and put them in.
So every Saturday at about three in the morningm.
In the playlist, the number for Patsy Cline \"crazy\" is 666. BOLLING: Wow.
Perino: I think it\'s a little--
Someone is joking.
Pauline: Okay, Bobby. This is good. Ready? BECKEL: Yes.
Kevin B.
: \"Bob, if you could write a letter to your young self, what would you suggest to young Bob?
\"Becker: Stay Healthy 30 years earlier than me and stay away from drugs and alcohol.
You won\'t listen, though. BOLLING: OK.
Eric of Tina Ann said: \"Eric, I noticed that you have a wired bracelet on your left wrist.
What\'s the point?
\"I haven\'t put it on yet. It is.
I promised my son.
We all have. My wife has it.
I really can\'t explain what the promise is. All right.
I want to do the first round.
The other one is very fast. Answer quick. Ready?
Kimberly: \"Did you miss the justice system or would you prefer to broadcast the world?
I really miss this place, but I think the sound here is also very warm.
BOLLING: you\'re good at this, too.
Okay, Greg. Matt B.
\"Greg, how did you get to know Andy Levy from TV?
This is an interesting question.
It\'s late at night.
No, I wrote it for Huffington Post, believe it or not, he left comments on the blog that are better than what I wrote.
So I ended up seeing him at the bar in Hell\'s Kitchen.
This was about seven years ago.
Bolin: good man, good man.
Dana, how about this: \"Did Jasper embarrass you at any time?
Baker: every day. PERINO: No.
Jasper serves with honor and honor.
And wake up.
I can prove that.
I have pictures.
BOLLING: What will it be? -
What would it be if you were to write a book? -
What would you think if you were to write a book, Bob?
In fact, it\'s interesting to say that.
I am writing a book now.
I\'m negotiating with the publisher.
Its title is \"I should have died.
\"Back to light from darkness.
This is a good book.
This is going to be a must-read.
\"Eric, did you ever be a member of the Union when you played professional baseball?
\"I have never been to the Union.
Why don\'t you join the Union?
Perino: Do you have to pay for it in order to get out of trouble?
I was never one of them.
I am a baseball player in a small league.
Becker: That\'s right. That\'s right. BOLLING: OK. Very quickly.
From Mary.
\"What is the worst memory of your high school?
\"I want this, K. G. ?
Worst memory in high school?
I like high school.
I think I\'m great and my hair is good.
BOLLING: There\'s a bad high for anyoneschool memory? PERINO: Yes.
When I got into trouble because of an abandonment, I was detained.
Oh, my God. It\'s terrible.
My worst memory is to blow up the toilet with a cherry bomb.
Is that what you said?
Thank God I didn\'t go to your high school.
Not the worst.
What do you call it? Oh, gross!
The first day of my high school, I was on the bus.
Because I was sitting in the senior seat, I got a punch in my face.
On the face.
I will never forget that. Saw gray (ph), everything.
\"At the beginning \"--
This is Maggie\'s.
\"With the beginning of summer, what are your best memories of summer from childhood?
GUTFELD: It\'s always the last day of school.
It was the last day when you went out.
You threw everything you had.
You hit a postman.
You broke the window.
Throw a cherry bomb in the toilet.
Gilfoyle: mine, since I was five years old, I go to Ireland every summer.
Do you have one? Interesting. Bobby?
Becker: I go to nude beach every summer.
I like my grandfather\'s ranch.
It\'s in Wyoming.
Bolin: Okay.
We leave it there.
Direct lead, California Chrome will play in the history contest tomorrow in Belmonte.
Will the Kentucky Derby and Preakness champions win the glory of the treble?
His inspirational story and our prediction of the upcoming contest. (
Business break)
BECKEL: California Chrome will create tomorrow\'s history by becoming the first treble in 36 years, and it\'s also surprising that Chrome\'s co-op story
Boss, Steve Cobain, a blue-
The boss of the collar factory, who had lunch outside, was next to a gunman.
Not typical blue.
The owner of Kentucky stallion.
Cobain explained in hanniti how his ponies were desperate against the blue ones --blood jerks. (
Start Video Editing)
Steve cowborne
Owner of CHROME, California: It\'s called DAP racing.
Stupid DAP Racing stationass partners.
Like a fairy tale, you know?
Two guys are working hard every day and spending $8,000 on a girl who really doesn\'t like the game.
She was bred into a $2,000 stallion and eventually got millions of dollars.
You know, dollar horse.
This is a fairy tale for us. It really is. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Becker: That\'s a great story.
I told you, I lived in Kentucky for a while.
The blood in Lexington thinks they\'re too hot.
You have some blue.
Pick it up and buy the mare for a total of $10,000 to breed.
Now, I think, they refuse $8 or $10 million.
Eric, you have--
Do you think this horse can win?
I like this one.
Of course, if Bill Heimer goes?
Because he had been to Belmonts two or three times, and there was probably the Triple Crown, they both lost two or three times.
Well, tell him to stay at home.
I don\'t think he is.
But what I\'m saying is, yes, that\'s it.
This is it. I like this.
What do you think, Dana?
Perino: I like to see history being created and I think America needs a win this week.
This will make everyone feel good.
Do you think Obama has a horse in the race?
Like Jasper, an American dog.
Bolin: he will be praised if he does.
What do you think?
Greg, I know you don\'t like horse racing, but it\'s a great story. Isn\'t it?
GUTFELD: There\'s a lot of glue there. I --I love horses. I love horses.
Some people say too much. But I look up --
In fact, I respect the jockey very much. Literally.
Because I\'m short. Short joke. See? I love horses.
This is a joke about glue.
Don\'t write a letter about \"you hate horses.
\"BECKEL: the jockey of a neglected Mexican jockey, who did a very, very good job.
Won those two games.
What about you, Kim?
I\'m excited about it.
I hope California Chrome wins
I like what the owner said. We feel very lucky to have this horse.
We feel like the horses in America are running.
Like Jasper, an American dog.
I do have something to show you.
Bob, you know how this horse is wearing these clothes, like breathing the right straps so he can breathe more.
I took a picture of you today.
This is for you today.
American dogs are with dogs. . . GUILFOYLE: Aw.
The last thing I want to see is your dog. OK.
That\'s what I said.
Gilfoyle: he\'s in the first place.
Two locations, right?
This is my suggestion if you are going to bet tomorrow.
I think two of the three horses will enter the top three.
California Chrome, strong riding curve and evil.
By the way, these are my nicknames.
Perino: riding curlin \'?
Bob, how about California Chrome on the number one? 2 position?
Same as the Secretariat.
Secretariat position.
Becker: The journey in Colin is--
12-now-to-1 shot.
I believe that the evil strong is running away now. -let me see --6 to 1.
Live TV.
Gilfoyle: Bob is now preparing for his block.
This is a good horse.
All three horses are good horses.
The question is, can they pull away?
It\'s a mile and a half.
It was a tough and long game.
But I think California Chrome can do it. Oh, yes.
One more thing to follow.
Bob just forgot that he was at work. . . (
Business break)
Gilfoyle: it\'s time for \"one more thing.
\"Bob knows he\'s on live TV now, so things should improve ---Bob.
Becker: I want to congratulate my lovely daughter McKenzie, who graduated from college yesterday. . .
In high school. BECKEL: . . .
I give advice to everyone with children. -
Sorry, high school. Sorry.
My advice to everyone with children is, please be very close to them as they grow very fast.
Secondly, I would also like to say that I would like to wish a happy birthday to Peter McMahon, the old man I know, who is 60 years old today. BOLLING: Aw. PERINO; Aw.
Very, very sweet.
Happy birthday, Peter. OK. Eric.
So we discussed--
I talked about the \"Fool of the week\" who would be the great \"fool\" of the week \".
\"Well, it\'s finally here.
Let\'s scroll the animation.
So what\'s happening now?
I was watching Fox and Friends this morning. On D-
Chris Daughtry was asked to sing another song, a patriotic song, that day.
See what happens. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified woman: sing one more song! One more song!
Unidentified woman: sing one more song! One more song!
Unidentified woman: sing one more song! One more song!
Let me tell you.
Because today is D-
What patriotic songs can we all sing?
Musician Chris Dorry: I\'m off work. (END VIDEO CLIP)
He\'s gone?
Bo Ling: go down and say, \"my clock\" D-Day.
Chris Dorry, you are the \"Fool of the week \". \"GUTFELD: Wow.
This is core.
Gilfoyle: maybe he doesn\'t know what song is on his head.
Maybe this song is called \"I\'m off work\".
Gilfoyle: \"I\'m off work \"? Oh, my God.
He\'s going to take his banjo. BOLLING: Right.
It\'s so cruel.
Goodfield: Don\'t judge, don\'t be judged. GUILFOYLE: OK.
Perino: maybe he can write you some jingle. . . Dana. Dana Perino. PERINO: OK.
You know, I like Twitter.
I don\'t know if this is a good thing.
The CIA has just joined Twitter.
Their first tweet said, \"We can\'t confirm or deny that this is our first tweet.
\"Very smart in Lanley. Congrats.
Welcome to Twitter.
Please follow me.
Bolin: I followed the CIA, you know, but I\'m not sure if I want them to follow me.
They\'re already following you.
Does your dog tweet? PERINO: No. He --
We are the same people.
GUTFELD: So tonight I\'m going to \"O\'Reilly\" with Bernie mcgilick \".
I think I should jump in. And. . .
Gilfoyle: Well, you\'re the next phrase that Greg is banned from, \"I didn\'t get the memo.
\"Why when there are two people in the elevator wearing color-like clothes or colored clothes, some others say,\" Oh, I didn\'t get the memo. \" Shut up.
Maybe they just want to do better.
Do you know?
I don\'t need to hear any interesting phrases and small talk in the elevator.
Stop it.
You know who you are.
You know who I\'m talking about.
By the way, your wife is on business a lot, isn\'t she? GUTFELD: Yes.
It\'s understandable now.
Can you speak slowly? All right.
Becker: you want to bet--
We have two. . .
But now it\'s my turn.
I\'m sorry.
I thought you were gone.
I can\'t handle it.
Anyway, I\'m playing Greta Van Sustren at 7 tonight. m.
I hope you can join us.
It will be a great show as it is a very busy news week.
Thank you for being with us today.
Don\'t forget to set up the DVR so you don\'t miss a episode of five.
Have a good weekend.
We will meet you here on Monday.
Next is the \"Special Report \".
Go to Chrome! Go Chrome!
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