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family fun at benidorm water parks!

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-16
Basking in the sun and enjoying the picturesque location along the Mediterranean coast, Benidorm is a small town suitable for family living, and everyone has their own features.
In addition to Levante and Poniente beach, this lively resort has several themes and water parks to take children on a fun-filled family outing.
Ideally, travelers should try to visit all the parks as they all offer different things.
However, due to time and budget constraints, families often have to make choices when deciding which park to go.
Here is a quick overview of what each site can expect.
Aqualandia, located in the Luva area, claims to be one of Europe\'s largest water parks, and people entering its gates will understand why.
The hotel is very close to the resort center and many Benidorm hotels and can be reached by bus service.
Aqualandia has 12 swimming pools and 17 water slides to serve older water lovers and children who may not yet be ready for a higher intensity ride.
The newly built \"splash\" track is an entertainment project that must be visited by the water park and is also an exciting one-minute \"black hole\" and the proper name \"Kamikaze\" that should satisfy speed fans
Tourists looking for a more relaxing family day can go to the peaceful \"Niagara\" area or drift quietly on the \"Amazon\" River.
Staying at hotels near Benidorm apartments and resort center, it is also convenient to get to the two most amazing theme parks in the area by bus.
Terra Mitica and the adjacent Terra Natura park combine the elements of the amusement park and the water park to provide countless hours of fun and excitement in magical lands and exotic animals.
The spine home-
Terra Mitica Park is a stinging wooden roller coaster of the \"Magnus colossus\" with the heart stopping the \"hell\" and a spectacular variety of performances, an unprecedented adventure.
This huge family attraction is divided into five different themed sections and has several water rides.
The Island area of Terra Mitica is a place where people can find \"the wrath of Achilles\" where visitors can test their legs in the raging sea.
Find more water-based thrills in the park\'s Ocionia area, where the \"Nile Falls\" wait for those brave enough
The roaring journey through the dangerous beach.
Equally impressive near Terra Natura Park, offering a large number of themed attractions for the entire family, they can visit the contrasting parts that blend wildlife with stunning natural landscapes
The Aqua Natura district of the park is home to the water park, where you can enjoy a thrilling journey on the winding waterslide network, or just relax, relax in the beach area and enjoy the sun.
Not to be missed is a visit to the mondolar marine animal park in the Ruva area.
While this may not be a water park in itself, the popular dolphin show at the Dolphin Museum is a treat for people of all ages.
In addition to receiving colorful birds, the park provides visitors with an opportunity to travel to the \"grand sailing boat\" where you can see the unique underwater scenery of the dolphins.
With so many water parks and water rides, it\'s no surprise that Benidorm has become such a family favorite.
Those who want to visit these parks and really experience a wet and wild day should try to find hotels near the center or convenient public transportation in Benidorm. For more in-
For in-depth information, please refer to \"Benidorm water park and its wet and wild rides!
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