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family fun at legoland water park dubai -

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-16
The water park promises fun and excitement to guests on numerous rides and slides.Rated one of the best water parks in the Middle East, Dubai Legoland Water Park is about to redefine your family life :) in this article, itickets.AE is about to unveil the park and all its attractions.Learn what ● Dubai Legoland Water Park is designed to provide an interactive experience for families of children under 212 years ● after arriving at Dubai park and resort, you can take the bus to the water park.Get off at Riverland and walk to the Legoland Water Park ● The water park can accommodate up to 20 water slides and attractions.Each offers a unique, but interesting-In the dining and retail stores, dressing rooms, cabins, room services and other facilities, you will get a full range of experiences, and the first aid and prayer rooms ● Lego and Legoland Dubai have similar themes, all in Dubai park and resort, there is also a range of other interesting attractions including: Bollywood Park™-According to Indian Bollywood blockbuster, Motiongate Dubai
Attractions of Legoland Waterpark waterpark has rides and slides for young/old thrill seekers, including: Build-a-The Raft River is worth noting that this is the only water park attraction in Legoland UAE, and it allows you to customize the raft using a wide variety of giant colored Lego blocks before drifting to the drifting River.Note that the rafting river is a bit slow, but in order to make it more exciting, you can easily participate in the family competition.Here you need at least three people together to fully enjoy the water slide.When you grab your dear life on the edge, start spinning a huge 95-meter-long slide on a circular raft.You will rotate throughout the journey and may not really tell you where to go, but it makes it more exciting --Ready to be splashed out at the end.The clown soak huge water playground has seven slides of all sizes and designsSome steep, scary;Others are slow and stable.The area also features a rock climbing area, water release, gun play, pool draw and 300-from suspension-gallon bucket.
It is worth noting that the water in this area is colder than any other area in the park, so unless you are ready to get wet with an oversized bucket, you may want to go and play elsewhere in the park.Build-a-Fans of Lego?Bring your game with you because your creativity is 100% here when you design your own model boat.This is the use of Lego blocks, you can also in 10-Shallow Rice River.It\'s better to do a good job, otherwise when it breaks up while you float, you become the laughing stock of the day, the price to pay;The Duplo Splash Safari is shallow, warm and the pool is specially designed for toddlers.It has four small slides and huge twin animals.g.Elephants, crocodiles, etc. The water is very interesting.The area also features several fountains specially designed for young guests.Bring your racing game with Lego racing!Take six parallel racing slides and you can drop quickly on the mat.Be sure to give them a start for children, because it is clear that the weight of adults will allow them to overcome resistance.Teamwork fam!There are several slides in the broad wave pool play area of the wave pool, including two subway rides, one subway double rides and two single rides.The Prodigal won the steepest honor, including zooming 73 m on an open slide and then going straight into the water.It\'s really fun to sway over the waves in the pool, especially for the kids.Other rides in this area are more suitable for adult passengers.Useful tips ● The park is open at 11: 00 a.m-
● Bring a towel, but if you forget, you can rent one at any time.
● Waterproof mobile phone/camera!It\'s not a big deal to take pictures when you have fun at the water park.Waterproof your phone for safety.
● Visit the water park on weekdays because it is not so crowded and the lines are shorter.Not to mention, there will be more places for towels and more recliners.
● Flip-flops.Needless to say, the temperature in the area has become very high in addition to your access to the pool.
● Park dry clothes for everyone!There is no doubt that at the end of the eye-catching fun, your clothes get wet and you need to change them!
● Also bring goggles to the children.They really come in handy on slides and wave pools.
The water park has two different areasThe more child-friendly area features the surrounding drifting River, as well as the wave pool area for most adventure rides.
● Free sun chairs are available in the wave pool area and lounge chairs are provided next to the wave pool and water park.

There are two restaurants in the water park, including: Brick bite and wave bistro.Hamburgers, chicken nuggets, pizza and salad are mainly served here.
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