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farce at the tour de france as inflatable arch collapses on briton adam yates

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-09
British rider Adam Yates was lucky enough to escape serious damage after marking 1 km m on an air-filled archto-
Go point at the Tour de France on Friday collapsed in front of him, injuring his chin, shoulders, wrists and knees.
According to the Tour organizer ASO, the incident was caused after the fan\'s belt was stuck with the cable, pulling the power off the generator to help keep the inflatable flame red --
Give 1 km name-to-go marker -upright.
The playback on social media showed that the arch dropped very quickly, leaving Yates with no time to react, and also taking away a car rider and his passengers.
If the incident happened when the main crowd rode through
Or worse, in the sprint stage where sprinter refuel
Could be worse.
Most of peloton, who arrived at the scene a few seconds later, was forced to hide under the obstacle or climb the obstacle as ridersscenabled reached the finish line.
Tour organizers will announce soon, from 3 km-to-
Go to mark, but it got Yates into trouble at first. The Orica-
BikeExchange rider tries to take 6 seconds to win a white jersey for the best young rider from Julian alaplippe [1]Etixx-QuickStep].
\"I was very disappointed,\" Yates said on the bus . \" He had four stitches in his chin.
\"There\'s not much you can do.
I don\'t have time to react when it comes to me.
At the top of the climb, I followed Dan Martin [Etixx-QuickStep]
When he attacked
In order to get the white jersey, I took a chance on the bloodline.
I have 5 to 7 seconds, that\'s it.
Taro Aso\'s Philip soderres explained to the news.
How Com happened: \"An audience is too close to the structure and his belt is stuck on the cable,\" he said.
\"The cable drives the generator that powers the arch, the inflatable generator.
We know this from a witness who spoke to the police there.
We will strengthen the security around the structure so that this will not happen again.
Maybe this has never happened in 10 to 15 years.
It was an accident, not someone wanted to break it.
\"It\'s not all bad news for Yates, though.
Due to the organizer\'s use time at 3 km, he finally got the comfort of rising to second place, drifting for 5 minutes and 50 seconds at Van afamette.
It also means he is ahead of the white jersey race.
All the most popular overall wins ended in the main team, Chris Flum (Team Sky)
And Nairobi Quintana (Movistar)
Now, when we entered the mountain area on Saturday, 5min57s took the lead in sections 6 and 7.
This is not the first time the inflatable arch has fallen in the race.
During a trip to Flanders last year, a deflated arch almost hit the Pelton.
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