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feeling flat: bouncy castle firms left deflated and facing closure

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-09
After the major insurance companies in the industry pulled the plug, the owners of inflatable castles were facing a crisis.
Gerry froughley of the Irish federation of inflatable renters said operators faced closure, causing some to fear that no insurance would continue to operate.
220 members of the association are covered by Oxford University
Based on leisureinure, the underwriter of AxaXL.
But AxaXL has confirmed that it has reviewed its business in Ireland with leisureinure and withdrew.
\"We are using leisureinure.
But now we can\'t find cover.
\"The companies that employ elastic castles are considered risky by insurance companies because of the high probability of slipping and traveling.
Mr. Frawley said that the fact that leisureinure withdrew was a disaster for his members.
In a note to the members, he said: \"This actually means that at the moment, the inflatable castle and other inflatable devices are not able to get public liability insurance in Ireland . \".
Operators rent and install inflatable toys and leave them to customers.
However, Mr. Fleury said that although the hiring company did not supervise the use of children in inflatable castles, they would still be prosecuted in the event of an accident.
\"There is no profit for anyone to insure and take risks in this area, because the legal system tends to blame the insurance company in the event of an accident.
When asked what he and his members would do in the absence of a company willing to insure them, Mr Fleury said: \"We are exploring all avenues,
We are in serious trouble and some people are at risk without insurance.
\"Mr froughley said that the people at the British insurance company believe that recent reforms, such as the move to have the judges review the level of rewards, are too few and too late.
The Justice Council bill was passed in the house of Congress last week.
It provides for judges to set up a committee to re-adjust the level of awards to make it more consistent with the remuneration of other countries.
However, there are some questions about how fast this will happen.
\"The government has not taken action and it should be blamed on politicians,\" said froughley . \".
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