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floating water park erected at tauranga waterfront

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-31
\"Finally arrived.
\"Today, Tauranga\'s first inflatable water park is inflated and erected on the city\'s waterfront, and the owner Kel traverse is excited.
Waterworld is located in front of the tidal stairs just in time for the summer.
Traverse, the owner and operator of the water world, saida-
This afternoon, \"crowd\" of about 50 children will try the water park for the first time.
On December 11, the Plenty Bay Regional Committee approved the resource consent and a final security check will be conducted this afternoon.
Traverse says many harbor owners will check it and make any changes before the water park opens on Saturday.
But it\'s not just the children who are looking forward to going.
Jenna Preest, a 30-year-old Tauranga CBD worker, said she couldn\'t wait to try it out.
\"The weather is perfect at the moment.
I think I will bring my toys in to test one day after work.
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