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florida bounce house incident was \'freak act of nature,\' city manager says

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-07
Fort Lauderdale city manager says the Memorial Day beach bounce house incident is \"an abnormal natural act that no one has prepared or predicted.
\"The change in weather is sudden and serious,\" City Manager Lee Feldman\'s statement said . \".
\"The strong water column quickly landed without warning, bringing strong winds estimated by meteorologists at 65 to 85 miles an hour.
Its powerful unpredictable path knocked down the street lights and destroyed the support structure of the cement basketball.
\"On Florida beach, after a splash of water came ashore, it hit an inflatable castle and threw it into the air, injuring three children.
A video provided by Brandon Berchet to ABC News shows the wind direction and the rotating columns of the head of the sea water, the direct-flush rides.
Then, the elastic Castle is blown by the wind, and it turns over and over again before it is further swept into the air.
Fort Lauderdale police said three children who were not released were injured.
Police said one was detained for overnight observation and two were treated for minor fractures and released.
Feldman\'s statement added: \"In this case, our police, public safety and fire fighting --
Rescue workers respond promptly and appropriately to minimize damage and damage.
While we still pray for the injured children and their families and hope that they will recover soon, we thank God for not doing more serious harm in this act, because there were a lot of people enjoying the beach on Memorial Day.
The city said it had notified the bounce house supplier All Star Events of responsibility as \"we continue to look into the matter.
\"All Star Events declined to comment on ABC News.
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